3 ways to attract digital natives with physical marketing

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Although Millennials and Generation Z grew up with the technology around them, they still value personal gestures and thoughtful experiences outside of the “digital” framework. In this article, you’ll learn how companies can use this knowledge to better engage with Millennials and Gen Z with physical marketing.

You could look at the crowds of Millennials and Generation Zers filling today’s market and imagine their heads are literally in “the cloud”.

These are the digital natives. You grew up surrounded by technology; Many of them learned to read and write on tablets and computers. But even as these tech natives lead other generations by the hand through the digital landscape, they still value personal gestures and thoughtful experiences. She Love a good greeting card.

Why is direct mail so powerful for digital natives?

It may seem like an unlikely strategy, but direct mail can be an extremely effective way to engage members of the digital native generation.

In an increasingly digital world, direct mail stands out. Many people receive email newsletters and e-coupons on birthdays and special occasions that are easily forgotten or ignored. Conversely, they are more likely to experience an emotional impact when receiving direct, physical communication via cards or handwritten notes.

While digital marketing is easier to track and has a more visible connection to ROI, direct mail can cut through the noise of digital marketing and attract attention and even loyalty. Think about it: According to a study by Mailbird 35% of all sent e-mails remain unread. The e-mail noise is deafening, with hundreds of billions of e-mails being sent every day. According to the United States Postal Service, the average household now receives 454 pieces mail per year. In comparison, these messages stand out like jewels.

Kim Totty is director of marketing at Hallmark Business Connections, Hallmark’s B2B unit that helps businesses connect more powerfully and meaningfully with customers and employees. She states, “When a Hallmark card is sent as direct mail, it lasts even longer than regular mail because the Hallmark brand is known for sending personal, thoughtful content.” Because a personal and unique card will delight you 91% of your audiencewhile an email only reaches 1%.

How to think outside the box when dealing with digital natives

Now you know that Millennials and Generation Zers sit at the mailbox just waiting for direct mail. How can you use this knowledge to make your physical marketing efforts more successful?

  1. Benefit from the personalization of direct mailings.
    At this point, Millennials and Generation Z are used to receiving personalized messages and experiences from brands, including through digital channels. Therefore, it would be a mistake for brands to forget about direct mail personalization. How can you use what you know about your recipient to make your message more interesting? Could you address some common affinities or values?

    Hallmark ran a campaign for a pet supply company that focused on: Celebrating pets’ birthdays. With just a single piece of information, greeting cards became incredibly meaningful and personal. And because pet owners were so happy to have their pets remembered, they were more than willing to take to social media and show off their birthday cards.

  2. Increase digitization with a physical touch.
    Appearing authentically contributes significantly to increasing brand affinity. You can add authenticity to your digital campaigns by adding a physical element. This can be especially effective for Gen Z, who naturally use technology to get things done but crave meaningful connections and rare experiences.

    Consider adding small, human touches to digital and direct mail. things like real handwriting, personal thank you messages, or mentions of something important to the consumer will deepen your relationship. You can even provide a physical voucher so Millennials or Generation Zers can experience the double joy of collecting and saving.

  3. Bring people back to the digital world with joy.
    Bringing a human touch to the digital world goes both ways. You could add one QR code B. Direct mail to seamlessly bring the recipient back to the digital world when they are ready to take action.
    Use direct mail as a way to break through and drive more digital engagements. Add a URL with tracking or add an offer to redirect people back to your website to redeem.

    For example, Hallmark used QR codes in a campaign for a health-focused financial services brand to drive traffic back to educational content on the brand’s website. The content provided advice on how to develop healthy habits, thus fitting the customers’ mindsets. The campaign resulted in a 5% click-through rate from the greeting card to the website in just one month.

Direct mail should be a central and complementary part of your strategy to reach digitally savvy generations. It can help you create a cohesive and engaging customer experience, a more immersive experience that can reassure and excite people, making them feel more connected and cared for.

Written by Rhett Power.
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