3 ways to drive sales with email

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It’s one of the most popular marketing and sales channels, but email isn’t as easy to use as it seems. You don’t just have to write a few lines and click send to get your emails converted. Everything plays into your email success, from the health of your email database to your copywriting skills.

If your email marketing seems boring to you, these tactics are sure to help:

  • Understand how email deliverability works—and how Email Verification helps
  • Create emails that feel tailored to your ideal prospects
  • Improve your metrics and increase email revenue.

How to get more sales from email: Evaluate your current performance

Before you drastically change your email marketing strategy, it’s worth taking a step back and evaluating the performance of your emails. This way, you can find out what resonates most with your audience and create more similar emails.

Take a close look at your metrics and see what stands out. Your performance over the past three to six months will be a good indicator. Plan to duplicate these approaches to increase engagement and conversions. Then, consider the following tactics to ensure your email marketing has the highest chance of success.

Are your emails reaching the inbox? Check your email list

You may be spending significant resources on email marketing. Writing and designing great emails is not easy. But do those emails end up in the inboxes of your prospects? Low engagement can often be caused by an outdated email list and a bad sender reputation.

Your sender reputation is a rating that ISPs assign to you as a sender, much like a credit score. Everything you do determines your score, but the health of your email list has a big impact on it. For example, if your bounce rate exceeds 2%, your score will be impacted. Spam complaints and fake emails also affect your reputation. In this case, your newsletters and campaigns end up in the spam folder.

If you’ve never cleaned your database before, consider using a free email validation service First. With ZeroBounce, you can check 100 email addresses for free each month to ensure you’re only adding real contacts to your list.

Segment your database for higher engagement

Your email subscribers are at different stages of their buyer journey with your company. While some may be long-time customers, others are still reluctant to buy. Each segment has different needs and expectations, and creating emails that speak directly to these groups should be high on your list.

Segmentation can be challenging for many marketers, but you can start with simple filters. Use criteria like gender, location, and purchase history, then figure out how to target those prospects with the most relevant offers. Personalize each email campaign using the data available and remember that one email is usually not enough to make a sale. Drip campaigns are more effective because they regularly engage with your prospects and increase brand awareness.

Make your emails highly educational

When email conversions plummet, many marketers tend to take a more aggressive approach—more emails, more direct offers, and bigger discounts. But could you benefit more from inbound tactics instead?

Rather than pushing for sales, inbound marketing focuses on attracting prospects with relevant, helpful resources and experiences. Creating content that answers questions, solves problems, and improves people’s lives is a great way to build your brand.

Even if you run a direct marketing campaign, you can still present your offers in an educational way. Focus on the benefits of your products and services instead of operating with a “buy now” approach. Build loyalty with your audience by establishing your brand as a reliable, relevant source of information and education.

Bonus tip: Send your emails regularly

One final tip for increasing sales from your email is to have a solid sending schedule. Whether you’re setting up automated drip campaigns or sending out a newsletter, be consistent in your efforts. Sending emails regularly strengthens your reputation, improves email deliverability, and keeps your business relevant to your prospects.

So if you have an email newsletter, remember to send it out on time, ideally on the same day every week or month. Your nurturing campaigns should also be timely – review and update your automations to ensure each trigger is working properly. Staying current on these details and sending useful emails to a healthy email list can quickly increase your email marketing results.

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