5 digital marketing trends brands should pay attention to

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5 digital marketing trends brands should pay attention to

US consumer keep spending Despite historically high inflation and the fact that so many brands are vying for attention in the digital space, staying up to date with the latest trends is important to stay competitive. Digital marketing is an ever-evolving field – and new trends often emerge due to changes in consumer behavior and technology. Brands that adapt quickly to these changes are more likely to find their marketing efforts more effective.

Additionally, trends in digital marketing can help brands understand changing consumer behavior, preferences and expectations. By keeping up with these trends, brands stay relevant and become more competitive in their industries. They will also be able to reach their target groups more effectively and create more engaging and personalized experiences for their customers.

Here are five digital marketing trends brands should be aware of in 2023:

1. Digital video overtakes linearly

According to them, 2023 will be the year when digital video will overtake traditional television in terms of time spent Inside Information. It was originally forecast for 2024 that digital video is expected to account for 52.3% (three hours and 11 minutes a day) of viewing time that year, while traditional television will account for 47.7% (two hours and 55 minutes a day). This shift also marks the first time traditional television has fallen below the 50 percent threshold.

2. Cable cutters and cable-nevers outperform pay-TV households

As the time spent watching traditional TV decreases, so does the number of households with pay TV subscriptions. In 2023, according to eMarketerthe number of non-pay-TV households will exceed the number of pay-TV households by around 5 million. However, spending on TV advertising will continue to be significantly higher than spending on streaming video, with streaming spending expected to account for just one-sixth of linear TV spending. The reason loud eMarketer According to analysts, that’s because “a lot of streaming isn’t ad-supported.”

3. Apple is expanding its advertising offering

In 2022, Apple announced additional ad formats in iOS 16 and Apple Maps, with Apple’s ad revenue expected to reach nearly $9 billion in 2023. And eMarketer reports that Apple is expected to launch its own DSP (demand-side platform) in 2023 to capitalize on the growing use of Apple TV. However, given the impact of iOS 14.5 on platforms like Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter and YouTube (resulting in a total loss of almost $10 billion in ad revenue in the second half of 2021), expect regulators to take a closer look Apple will throw out potentially monopolistic practices.

4. Social ad spend is declining, but new entrants are gaining market share

Ad spending on social networks stagnated in 2021-2022. After an increase of almost 37% the year before, spending increased only slightly in 2021-2022 (up 3.6%). While a steady increase is expected, this slowdown in growth was the result of Apple’s App Tracking Transparency (ATT) in iOS 14.5 and rising CTV consumption. However, the experience was not the same across all social media platforms. While TikTok’s ad revenue grew nearly 140% in 2022, Meta fell 3.7%. New entrants like BeReal will pose a growing challenge to legacy social platforms as BeReal’s growth in 2022 has surpassed that of platforms like Instagram and Snapchat in the same growth phase.

5. Shorter attention spans encourage short video and influencer content

According to Hubspot Video Marketing Playbook 202349% of video marketers said live-action video is the most likely to go viral, while 85% of marketers said video is an effective way to connect audiences with a brand. More engagement means more brand loyalty, which will encourage brands to continue using this form of content to connect with both new and existing customers. The trend towards less expensively produced first-person ads with a camera will continue as social platforms continue to shape the expectations of younger generations.

Digital trends are shaping the way we interact with the world around us. By staying on top of digital trends, brands can improve their overall digital presence, increase their online visibility, and build stronger brand reputations. Brands can identify potential risks and challenges faster and focus on the strategies they need to develop to address them. Ultimately, paying attention to digital trends will help brands stay ahead of the competition and maintain a strong and profitable business in the digital age.

Christena Garduno is CEO of media culture, a multichannel brand-response media agency that drives the growth of global clients with innovative and performance-driven media campaigns. Garduno has built the company from the ground up over the course of her career, pursuing a forward-thinking vision for the agency. With her commitment to leadership and excellence, she has led the agency to accelerated growth, continued to navigate the rapidly changing industry and paved the way to unwavering success. She is a member of the Forbes Agency Council and the recipient of an Echo Award for her work with Turbo Tax. In addition to Forbes, she has been featured in American Express Business & Insights, ValueWalk, DigiDay and The Drum.

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