5 new updates for Google AdSense Auto Ads

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5 new updates for Google AdSense Auto Ads

Google has implemented updates to the Auto Ads settings panel to make it easier to differentiate between different ad formats.

what’s new There are five new changes to the auto ad settings panel.

  • The first change is to divide the formats into two groups based on their behavior. The Overlay Formats group includes anchor, vignette, and siderail ads that are placed over the content of a page without affecting its layout. The In-Page Formats group includes banner ads and multiplex ads that are placed in areas of a page depending on the layout and content of the page.
  • Formerly called “in-page ads,” the format is now called “banner ads” and belongs to the “in-page formats” group.
  • The controls for banner and multiplex ads are now separate, eliminating the need to enable banner ads before multiplex ads.
  • Each format now has its own unique icon for easy identification.
  • There is now an ad gallery with examples for each format.

release date. You can access these updates in the Auto Ads settings area next time you visit. For more information on Auto Ads settings, see the link provided.

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Why it matters to us. By categorizing into two distinct groups and providing individual controls for each format, publishers can easily choose the ad type that best suits their needs without having to navigate through complex settings.

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