69% of digital marketers say they are only “somewhat successful” in achieving their goals

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69% of digital marketers say they are only "somewhat successful" in achieving their goals

Despite marketers’ efforts to incorporate digital marketing solutions into their strategies, new research suggests that they are still struggling to achieve their goals due to a lack of budgets and resources.

Ascend2 recently published Its Digital Marketing Trends 2023 report and statistics show that the majority of marketers (69%) consider themselves only “somewhat successful” in achieving their digital marketing strategy goals. About 11% of respondents said they were “unsuccessful” in this area overall.

Strategically, most respondents (53%) indicated that limited budget or resources was the biggest challenge preventing them from achieving their digital marketing goals. It followed content marketing generation (30%), data collection (29%) and customer experience improvement (28%). Overall, the majority of respondents (43%) said the pressure on them to improve their performance had “moderately increased” over the next 12 months.

Digital marketers are shifting their focus to marketing technology

As digital marketers seek to increase the value they derive from their strategies, previous research suggests they are shifting their focus Marketing Technology (Martech).

CallRail Approved The 2023 Outlook for Digital Marketing Agencies report and data suggests that most digital marketers (80%) now believe it’s important to stay current with trends and martech. In 2022, approximately 82% said they have adopted new technologies and solutions to track their ROI. As a result, 81% said they are confident they have the tools and metrics they need to support their decision-making process.

When it comes to enduring trends, 54% believe the metaverse is here to stay. Almost 53% said the same about voice search and 52% said personalization.

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