7 Ways to Combine Instagram and Email Marketing

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7 Ways to Combine Instagram and Email Marketing

Instagram content has the potential to reach 849.3 million active users! Incredible now 4 billion people Use email every day.

By combining Instagram and email marketing, you can get the best of both worlds. You’ll enjoy all the unique benefits each platform can offer, while finding new ways to increase your impact and grow your audience.

Why is that important? Well, your audience on Instagram isn’t yours. If Meta decided to shut down their platforms overnight (which we think is pretty unlikely!) you would lose access to your entire audience.

That’s why it’s important to diversify your marketing efforts and grow your audience on proprietary channels like email marketing. It’s about covering your audiences and building an engaged audience on and off social media.

Where should you start? Plann has the answers you are looking for! Here are our top seven ideas to help you combine Instagram and email marketing for best results.

1. Start cross-promoting

Cross-promotion is the best and most efficient way to link your Instagram and email marketing strategies! This approach means you can leverage success on one platform and easily grow your audience.

Instagram is a great place to get email subscribers! Develop a clever hook that gets people interested in signing up for updates. Then direct them through your account to a subscription box on your website Link in bio landing page (or even a link sticker on Instagram Stories). Simply!

For users who find your website before they find you on the web, you can use the same techniques to promote your Instagram account with your email. All you have to do is add a smart, compelling addition call to action to follow your brand on Instagram.

2. Start a user-generated campaign

User Generated Content is powerful! This saves you time and stress while increasing audience participation. Additionally, UGC can be easily used and reused for both your Instagram and email marketing campaigns.

Use your email newsletters as a space to call for new user-generated content. Give your newsletter subscribers the exclusive opportunity to share their content to get featured on your Instagram feed.

If you’d rather focus on building your email list, start with searching Instagram. Ask your followers to share their content under a branded hashtag and let them know that your top content choices deserve a spot in an upcoming email campaign.

3. Make an exclusive offer

Exclusive offers can go a long way when it comes to capturing audience interest! When you offer something fresh and engaging, you can engage more people with your brand and the channels you communicate through.

Offer your followers something they don’t want to miss on Instagram. Try a discount code or free gift from your brand! How can people be eligible to receive your offer? By signing up and becoming an email subscriber.

In the same way, you can use email marketing to drive traffic back to your Instagram page. Offer a similar exclusive offer, but this time ask your subscribers to join your Instagram community if they wish to be entitled to a reward.

Incentives for actions are the best way to increase email subscribers and Instagram followers!

4. Hold a competition

Contests and giveaways are a great way to expand your reach and grow your community. They can also help you tie Instagram success to a strong email marketing list that will help your brand continue to thrive.

Use Instagram to promote a fun contest or giveaway. Give our followers a chance to win a product or service offer from you. Make subscribing to your email list a requirement for participation.

At the same time, you can use contests to drive customers to your Instagram account. Send an email to your current subscribers and let them know that if they follow and they could have a chance to win Interact with you on Instagram.

5. Gather input from the audience

Both Instagram and your email marketing channels offer great opportunities to gather audience feedback and analyze your target market. This will give you the information you need to be successful.

Use Instagram Stories to communicate directly with your audience! Polls and question stickers can help you start a conversation that delivers important market insights. You can even invite your followers to email you more questions and requests!

In your email newsletters, you can personally address each recipient and ask for feedback that will help you make good branding decisions. If you frequently host Instagram polls or Q&A sessions, direct your followers to your Instagram page for additional input.

6. Start a celebration

Not all marketing communications should be sales focused, at least not directly. Sometimes it’s okay to share content that simply celebrates your latest accomplishments and encourages engagement.

When you hit a milestone follower count on Instagram, share the news! As part of your celebration, leverage your email list and invite your email subscribers to join you on Instagram if they aren’t already there.

Start a celebration

Likewise, hitting a subscriber goal is an important achievement! Celebrate by sharing a post or story about it on Instagram and letting your followers know how to sign up as email subscribers too.

7. Try Instagram Ads

Instagram advertising can be incredibly effective at generating leads for your business and optimizing both Traffic and exchange rates. But what if we told you that your Instagram ads could link directly to your email list?

Use Instagram Ads to retarget the people on your email list and drive sales with specific product promotions. You can do this by importing subscriber emails to set up a custom Instagram audience. Your ads will be targeted to accounts associated with the email address you enter.

If you are looking for a way to get more exposure for your newsletter, you can also use paid advertising for that. Simply create an Instagram ad that redirects users to an email sign-up page and make that your campaign goal.

Start planning for success

The best way to set your marketing strategy up for success is to plan ahead. We recommend using a bespoke social media planning tool that allows you to take control of your marketing and easily manage multiple platforms.

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