93% of digital marketers expect to achieve all goals within the next six months

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93% of digital marketers expect to achieve all goals within the next six months

Digital marketers continue to face challenges such as customer churn and budget cuts. However, new research suggests they still believe they can achieve their goals and understand the needs of their target audience.

moments recently published Its 2023 Digital Marketing Report and stats show that 12% of digital marketers expect their team’s budget to decrease compared to last year. Additionally, 48% of respondents said they anticipate changes in strategy or direction in their business, and 40% expect slow or slower growth.

However, 69% of digital marketers said they expect to increase their budgets over the course of the year. Additionally, 87% are confident their company understands the needs of their target audience and 93% believe they will achieve all of their goals within the next six months.

“Having the right data and systems in place will be a key factor in meeting budgets and communicating successes,” write the report’s authors.

Marketers assume that as budgets increase, they will spend more

With many marketers anticipating an increase in budget, previous research suggests they also anticipate an increase in spending over the course of the year.

RSW/US Approved Its New Year Outlook Report and data suggest that 61% of marketers expect their marketing spend to increase “somewhat significantly.” While that’s a drop from the 68% of marketers who expressed the same opinion in 2022, it’s a notable increase from the 41% who thought spending would increase in 2021.

Some of the challenges marketers can expect to face in the near future include leveraging data and focusing on customer acquisition and retention while demonstrating a return on investment.

Our senior director of digital marketing, Casie Gillette, recently investigated it How to get the most out of your B2B demand generation budget.

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