A do-it-yourself donut shop is opened at the UWS

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A do-it-yourself donut shop is opened at the UWS

Drizzle and sprinkles and frosting, oh my god. housed inside Big gay ice cream Located at 516 Columbus Avenue on the corner of West 85th Street, Rainbow Donuts (currently in the soft launch phase) offers the opportunity for customers to assemble their own creations in a Willy Wonka-style test lab funhouse.

On our visit on Tuesday, owner Jeremy Wladis guided us through the workshop as the team worked together on potential new items in preparation for the Grand openingwhich we were told it was about a week away.

Rainbow Donuts

Customers have the option of making their own donuts, or they can choose from the menu of freshly made “favorites” (which are in development).

If you go for the make-it-yourself option, you have a choice of cake or yeast donuts—both can be filled with chocolate or custard.

Your next decision will be the frosting: choices include dark chocolate, raspberry, vanilla, peanut butter, and more. During our visit, they tested a blueberry frosting, and we got to taste a variety of star-shaped sprinkles, which were rated for texture.

The sprinkles and drizzle lists are extensive with plenty of room for delicious detail.

Rainbow donuts menu

On our visit, we made a cake donut with raspberry icing, rainbow sprinkles, and strawberry crunch and topped it with hot fudge. Add fresh whipped cream and boom, off to the moon.

We also tried a custom made whole cake donut with peanut butter frosting, caramel sprinkles, shredded Reese’s pieces, and small chocolate bites.

Wladis tells us that the donuts are freshly made next door at Good Enough to Eat. We noticed that there is a new street sign to make people aware Telio’s new home.

Telio Taverna good enough for food

Rainbow Donuts hours coincide with Big Gay Ice Cream hours. They are open daily from 12:00pm to 10:00pm but can last until midnight in warmer weather.


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