AdSense down: Some publishers are affected by a website issue

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Google AdSense for Android has stopped working

Google AdSense helps monetize millions of websites, making it an essential tool for many. However, this morning some were shocked when the AdSense dashboard suddenly went down, leaving publishers and site owners unable to check their earnings or manage ads.

When I navigated to AdSense this morning, the site itself is up and running, but the publisher dashboard has been down for many hours over the past few hours. The issue caused the dashboard to become completely inoperable and a message was displayed instead.

Not found

The requested URL %2Fadsense%2Fapp was not found on this server.

Crucially, this issue does not appear to affect ads in any way, only a publisher/site owner’s ability to see revenue and make adjustments to their ads.

We’ve seen quite a few reports of this issue including a handful on Twitter in the last two hours or so. However, we have specifically observed that in some cases one device can access the dashboard while others cannot, even on the same account and network. One even found that disabling Apple’s “Private Relay” feature restored access.

Presumably, the inconsistency we’re currently seeing is a sign that Google has fixed the issue you’re experiencing and the solution is rolling out. No issues have been flagged Ad status dashboardand some users still seem to notice slower load times.

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