Advice from the Pros: What You Need to Know About Jewelry Marketing

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Laryssa Wirstiuk; Megan Crabtree.

Where do you think the future of jewelry marketing lies?

Wirstiuk: It lies in a company’s willingness to adapt quickly to new technologies and rapidly changing consumer behavior and preferences. Too many jewelry brands are slow to experiment with new technology and by the time they do, it’s too late.

The opportunities today lie in understanding how to use artificial intelligence (AI) in as many marketing activities as possible, with the aim of streamlining your processes and becoming more flexible. This is not the future; that is now.

Are digital campaigns and email newsletters a thing of the past?

Wirstiuk: Email marketing has been one of the most effective forms of digital marketing for my clients over the past year, and I can see it only getting more valuable. In general, we rely on growing e-mail lists and regularly sending out communications to subscribers. What we invest in email marketing, we get back – maybe not immediately, but it pays off.

What is the best way to reach current target customers with marketing?

Crabtree: The best way to engage current customers is through targeted campaigns based on each customer’s purchase history. Tailoring each campaign to the client’s interests is a great way to drive repeat business and foster loyalty.

Incorporating elements based on purchase history, such as specific colored stones or matching wedding rings, into campaigns can further increase the effectiveness of personalized marketing.

What is the best way to win new customers with marketing?

Crabtree: The best way is to target bridal clients to engage them early in the relationship. It is recommended to target customers who are buying gifts for their significant other at least a year before engagement rings. Providing customers with an excellent experience with affordable items under $500 is important to attract them to your store. It is likely that they will remember the positive experience and choose to purchase their engagement rings from your store.

How should a company approach social media marketing for the first time, and what are the best channels for doing so?

Wirstiuk: Companies that are new to a social media platform should approach it with very realistic expectations, as growing an audience organically in 2023 is like pushing a boulder up a mountain. Organic engagement on platforms like Instagram continues to decline, no matter how good your content is.

Honestly, I wouldn’t even recommend starting with Instagram or Facebook today. If you’re totally new to social media, I would go with Pinterest because there are still opportunities to explore there.

Should companies go for paid marketing or is there enough they can do themselves?

Wirstiuk: Paid marketing should only be considered if the company has a solid foundation in organic marketing – they have found a reliable method of customer acquisition and have successfully implemented regular marketing communications such as email. If it’s an ecommerce brand, the website should be rock solid before the company invests in paid marketing.

That means product photography, product pages, website navigation, checkout processes, and more all need to be fully optimized. Once those things are in place, it might be a good idea to switch to paid marketing, but I wouldn’t recommend trying it yourself; Hire an expert or risk wasting lots of money and making lots of mistakes.

Are partnerships with other companies a good idea? If so, what types of companies do you recommend as partners?

Wirstiuk: Yes, definitely! Partnerships offer great opportunities as they can help you meet new members of your target audience. Before entering into a partnership, you need to know your target audience and make sure your partner is reaching the same audience.

You also need to have a clear goal and guidelines for the partnership so that both partners are on the same page. Beneficial partners for jewelry brands include luxury apparel, housewares, beauty, fitness and food companies – honestly, there’s no limit!

Image: From left: Laryssa Wirstiuk; Megan Crabtree. (Joy Joya; Crabtree Consulting)

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