AI and marketing technology: This week’s releases

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AI and marketing technology: This week's releases

While Artificial Intelligence (AI) Since ChatGPT has been a part of marketing technology for a while, the launch of ChatGPT has caused quite a stir. As a result, more and more AI-powered solutions are being announced every day.

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Here’s a roundup of the AI-powered martech products, platforms, and features announced this week.

  • Pega systems: Pega GenAI – a set of 20 generative AI-powered boosters to be integrated into Pega Infinity ’23. Boosters include:
    • A treatment creation wizard in the Pega Customer Decision Hub helps users create better treatments by providing text and image suggestions.
    • Automatic interaction summaries in Pega Customer Service along with accelerated chatbot training and a customer interaction simulator.
    • Email response and meeting summary generators in Pega Sales Automation.
  • sprinkler: Sprinklr AI+ for its Customer Experience Management platform. Sprinklr AI+ can combine unstructured CX data from 30+ digital channels — including social platforms, messaging platforms, and millions of public-facing news, blog, and review sites — with generative AI to create content, improve feedback and support, and deliver faster identify findings and resulting measures.
  • Acquia: An AI assistant for its Acquia DAM (Widen) digital asset management platform. The assistant is integrated into the comment function of the checking and correction tool Workflow and can answer questions and make suggestions.
  • melt water: AI-powered capabilities for its media, social, and consumer intelligence platforms. New features include the ability to gain insights from consumer and market data, a writing assistant, and a video analytics tool.
  • Clearview Social: Its social media marketing platform for professional businesses now has a ChatGPT feature called Social Shuffle. It automatically generates variations of a company’s social media posts to avoid redundancies on LinkedIn and other channels.
  • Inuvo: The IntentKey suite of AI solutions now has a media mix modeling capability. It uses historical spend and performance as a basis for predicting the optimal media mix for a given budget and across channels without using consumer tracking IDs.
  • Merchynt: ProfilePro is an AI-powered Chrome extension that allows small business owners to self-manage their Google Business profiles. It automates a variety of tasks like answering reviews, optimizing business descriptions, and writing Google Business posts.
  • MobileFuse: The new version of Fusion Video, its in-app advertising platform for mobile, CTV and DOOH, uses AI to create outstream video placements, taking into account performance and consumers when automatically creating the video ad units.

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