Amy Jo Johnson explains her promotional acumen at the upcoming Power Rangers celebration

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The Power Rangers are back. Next month, the legendary group of heroes will be celebrating their 30th anniversary on Netflix screens Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Once and Forevera special that brings back some of the original cast along with some of the stars that have appeared over the years to be part of an epic adventure.

Once and always Also starring are David Yost (Billy) and Walter Emanuel Jones (Zack), as well as Johnny Yong Bosch (Adam), Steve Cardenas (Rocky), Karan Ashley (Aisha) and Catherine Sutherland (Kat). They will also be joined by a newcomer to the franchise, Charlie Kersh, who will play Trini’s daughter.

However, there will be some significant absences from the special. Jason David Frank, who brought to life the Green Ranger, aka Tommy Oliver, passed away last year at the age of 49. Another who will not be present at the anniversary is Amy Jo Johnsonthe legendary Kimberly/Pink Ranger.

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Through Twitterthe actress explained the reason why she would not participate:

“Please stop saying I didn’t attend the reunion due to money issues. That’s just not true. Maybe I just didn’t want to wear spandex in my fifties, or maybe I couldn’t go to New Zealand for a month. Or none of your beeswax JDF & I have both decided against it for reasons of their own. They were filming before he died.

Johnson has been involved with many Power Rangers projects beyond the original show. In 2016 she performed alongside her co-star Frank for a brief cameo appearance as a townsman in a Power Rangers Film reboot directed by Dean Israelite.

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The history of the Power Rangers

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The Power Rangers The series is based on Super Sentai, a Japanese TV series of the tokusatsu genre (which includes live-action series and films with many special effects) born in 1975.

The storyline introduces five powerful young people who unite against those who dare to disturb our planet, following the same line that follows the version that has been popular around the world since 1993.

In 2021, Netflix announced that a new film and television universe was in development for the franchise. Jonathan Entwistle, the creator of the series The end of the damn worldis responsible for overseeing said universe under the supervision of Michael Lombardo, CEO of EOne, a company owned by Hasbro, the current owner of the rights to the characters.

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