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The Unbound was released in a great way and recently the big news was that a collaboration with Polygon Labs had officially started. The Unbound enables B2B partners and users to effortlessly develop virtual worlds, express themselves in the digital metaverse, and create uninterrupted brand experiences like never before. Since the launch of The Unbound, the goal has been to work with the Polygon network to continue to grow the platform. The high-quality network infrastructure, as well as the fast and low-cost transactions that Polygon offers make it one of the best chains for the blockchain online gaming industry.

After spending months working tremendously hard developing NFT products, The Unbound finally announced their collaboration with Polygon Labs to expand their Metaverse. This Polygon Labs integration with the Metaverse and NFT gaming with the unique Metaverse-as-a-Service solution available on The Unbound will create incredible opportunities to take the immersion and utility of the Metaverse to a whole new level lift.

The Unbound hopes for a great outcome of this cooperation and urges users to pay close attention to social media channels for further joint developments.

Polygon Labs is an Ethereum scaling solution for the protocol. It collaborates with various other blockchain ecosystem developers and helps create an affordable, secure, sustainable and scalable blockchain infrastructure for the Web3 space. Polygon Labs first developed a variety of protocols to give developers access to key scaling solutions, including Layer 2s, sidechains, data availability protocols, and app-specific chains.

Initially developed by Polygon Labs, the scaling solutions saw widespread adoption, processing thousands of dApps (decentralized applications), 235+ million unique addresses, 1.28+ million smart contracts and 2.64 billion transactions since their inception. The current Polygon network is home to some of the largest Web3 projects, including Open Sea, UniSwap, and Aave, as well as some popular companies, including Adobe, Stripe, and Robinhood.

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