Blue Noda humanizes the world of digital marketing

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Blue Noda is Humanizing the Digital Marketing World


Released May 24, 2023

The company structures its business to address customer concerns and optimize team performance

Blue Noda, a Cleveland-based digital marketing specialist with leadership leadership in New York City and industry experts across the US, introduces a fully customizable, client-centric agency approach that challenges traditional ways of working with clients.

According to Gartner’s annual 2022 CMO Spend and Strategy Survey, average marketing spend by companies in nearly every industry grew to 9.5% of company revenue from 6.4% in 2021, with digital advertising spend projected to reach $876 billion by 2026. dollars will reach. Blue Noda, which specializes in SEO, lead generation, content marketing, email marketing and data analytics, responds with a next-generation operating model and organizational structure that brings together a world-class team capable of working across multiple disciplines.

“The old ways of working just don’t work,” says Andrea Salemi, Blue Noda’s chief growth officer.

“We’re listening to what’s happening in the marketplace, and judiciously expanding our talent network and operations beyond a standard email and monthly call. “Some companies need a more human approach to navigate this complex world and better understand what we do every day.”

With this significant, estimated global growth in mind, Andrea Salemi, Blue Noda’s Chief Growth Officer, said that when she founded the company in 2020 at the height of the pandemic, she wanted to develop a fully customizable, client-centric agency approach.

“Blue Noda may look like any other agency in their services, but the difference is in the way we connect with our clients. Every company has a different marketing ecosystem. They do not have to be sold in the standard package. Sometimes we even create workflows for our clients to adopt in-house and then switch to another channel to help them see growth within marketing efforts,” says Salemi.

Salemi’s conscious process takes into account key trends in digital advertising spend and a client’s need for experts who can help them navigate this often complicated niche marketing territory.

“The traditional agency model is dead; With inflated overheads, poor internal procedures, and high customer churn rates, customers and businesses of all sizes need something more. Also, part of moving forward is not being afraid to say “no” when we are not the best fit for their maturity. We are 100% transparent,” says Salemi.

“When we feel we can’t make a real impact, we’re pointing a client in a different direction. We can do this because we are completely remote; a pre-pandemic strategic design that I created and because we understand that impact is the only metric that drives the success of this company, not a fancy office that the client ends up paying for.

The secret to delivering real value to clients is to rely on subject matter and functional experts in niche industries, rather than the typical agency model that places inexperienced or entry-level employees on accounts because they cost less.

Nobody on our team is a newbie and I’m not trying to be a jack of all trades,” she says.

The modular pod approach allows the agency to act quickly and put together the best people for each client and project. Flexibility keeps the company flexible and affordable, giving clients the attention they deserve, with clearly defined expectations laid out at the start of each project.

Salemi and newly appointed President B. Randall Willis are hiring talent who love their job and are tech-savvy. “These are people who can actually get the job done and know how to use the medium,” Willis said. “If they don’t, then it’s just hype and that can lead to big problems.”

Key concerns for clients working with a digital agency include mismatched expectations, inflexible fees for services, and gaps in data analytics and reporting.

Salemi, who further developed her digital marketing career in Cleveland, Boston and New York City under Willis’ guidance, says, “The way Blue Noda overcomes these customer barriers is by ‘telling the truth’ and adaptable, offer scalable programs proposals that are accurate, detailed and can be justified and explained. We even skip hours!”

About Blue Noda:

Blue Noda is a results-driven digital partner committed to helping small and medium-sized businesses achieve long-term success by developing scalable growth processes and strategies, ranging from wide-ranging campaigns to internal training and business operations. Founded in 2020 in Cleveland, Ohio, Blue Noda is focused on articulating brand equity, optimizing CRMs, and demystifying the “what,” “how,” and “why” of using data to drive sales. Blue Noda counts Industrial Manufacturing, Energy/Oil, Healthcare and Legal among its core competency categories and is a certified partner of HubSpot, Keap and Databox.

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