College students can learn data science and digital marketing in 6 weeks. That’s how it’s done

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 College students can learn data science and digital marketing in 6 weeks.  That's how it's done

Uplifters, a skills-based edtech startup with a pay-after-placement model, recently announced the launch of a summer internship program for college students. Under the program, Uplifters will offer six weeks of industry projects and training prior to their final exams.

To enroll in the program, students can sign up on the Uplifters website – – or download the app from the Google Play Store to apply. The start of the program is scheduled for June 5th.

Key industry areas of the program include back-end Java developers, front-end developers, data science, and digital marketing. It also helps students with job interview preparation and soft skills training while preparing them for the industry by providing them with job opportunities in the respective fields.

Umang Sangal, Founder and CEO of Uplifters, said: “In the digitized industry, an internship is crucial for accessing good job opportunities.” We developed this internship program to ensure that all students are prepared for a successful career. The six weeks of intensive training and live courses will help them gain extensive industry experience that will ultimately open further opportunities for better careers.”

“In line with industry norms, this will help students complete a summer internship and their core college projects. The certificate is provided by Uplifters, Avance PR and other partner companies. We look forward to working with students and institutions,” he adds.

As part of the program, Uplifters will train students with hands-on industry experience on their college campus for six weeks. The program is offered in two different modes – online and hybrid. It includes soft skill courses and mock interviews, online technical courses, hands-on courses, and on-campus industry projects.

The hybrid program is carried out in cooperation with universities. The program is limited to only 10 locations. Exclusive test interview drives are offered on each campus to give students an insight into the industry’s interview standards. They receive valuable feedback from industry experts and mentors to help them improve for the final interviews.

Founded in 2023, Uplifters is based on the pay after placement model, which aims to improve the skills of college students by providing them with the right skills and training from industry experts who are also graduates of IIT, NIT, BITS and other well-known companies were institutions.

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first published: May 24, 2023 3:43 PM IST

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