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Digital Marketing Career Guide: 7 Roles To Consider

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Digital marketing professionals possess a mix of strong communication skills, business acumen and technical know-how. Many academic institutions in the US can prepare you for work in this well-paying field by offering a marketing degree with a specialization in digital marketing.

The career opportunities in digital marketing are extensive and diverse. Most large public and private organizations employ SEO specialists, social media managers, copywriters and other marketing professionals for communication. And growing freelance opportunities now offer even more opportunities for enterprising marketers.

Below we highlight some of the most popular digital marketing positions, along with the earning potential of each. This guide is designed to help young graduates and current professionals looking to take their careers to the next level.

What is digital marketing?

Digital marketing includes online marketing through digital devices such as laptops and mobile phones. Although traditional marketing platforms like television and billboards still exist, today the internet is where people can market, with the digital marketing industry set to be worth nearly $321 billion in 2022, as reported by Expert Market Research.

Digital Marketing vs. Traditional Marketing

Digital marketing is far cheaper than traditional forms like print display ads. And people are spending more and more time online, with the average person now spending more than eight hours a day on the internet

Marketers can now know exactly how many people saw an ad and how many clicked on the link in near real-time. You can send push notifications to reach customers at the most convenient time. They can even reach a person by marketing their avatar in a video game.


Modern marketers employ a wide range of strategies to reach users, including search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), influencer marketing, email direct marketing and e-books, as well as non-internet-based methods such as television advertising and billboards and queue recording .


To find jobs in digital marketing, academic institutions across the country offer a variety of training options, including marketing certificates, two-year associate degrees, four-year bachelor’s degrees, master’s degrees, MBAs with a marketing concentration, and even doctoral degrees. Many programs offer Online Digital Marketing Degrees to accommodate learners with busy schedules.

Careers in digital marketing

Regardless of your skillset, the field of digital marketing offers numerous opportunities for a rewarding and well-paying career. Good at handling data? A Marketing Analyst could be the right job for you. Do you like talking to people? Consider becoming a social media manager.

Digital marketers typically earn above average, and most positions only require a salary Bachelors in Marketing or a related topic. Listed below are some of the most popular digital marketing careers, including salary data from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) or Payscale, unless otherwise noted.

Digital Marketing Analyst

Average salary 2022: $68,230
Job description: Digital marketing analysts collect and analyze data about consumers and business competitors to help their employers better understand market conditions. These professionals use research tools such as surveys, opinion polls, consumer focus groups, and literature reviews to examine factors such as customer preferences.

Since many sectors use market research, digital marketing analysts work in a variety of industries. And the field is growing fast: The BLS is forecasting an increase of 150,300 jobs between 2021 and 2031 — a rise of 19%, far faster than the average projected growth for all occupations.

Digital Marketing Manager

Average salary 2022: $140,040
Job description: Digital marketing managers plan programs and initiatives on behalf of companies to generate interest in products or services. These professionals often work closely with department heads and other members of senior management to develop marketing plans and budgets.

Digital marketing managers must think creatively to compete for the scarce attention of internet users and differentiate themselves from the competition. To this end, digital marketing managers often use contests, sponsorships, and sales schemes such as discounts and coupons.

Marketing managers typically have relevant work experience and are often promoted from within. Marketing manager positions pay well and growth prospects are good. The BLS projects that the number of marketing executives in the United States will increase by 10% from 2021 to 2031.

Social Media Manager

Average salary: Approximately $54,600
Job description: Social media managers run social media profiles on behalf of their employers for marketing and other purposes. You will communicate with customers, write company statements and develop strategies for marketing on various social media platforms. These professionals often act as their company’s online voice, commenting on current issues and interacting with the public.

Social media managers must have strong communication and interpersonal skills and be able to meet strict deadlines. Key skills for social media managers include corporate communications, paid media marketing, campaign planning, and customer engagement.

content strategist

Average salary: Approximately $66,400
Job description: Content strategists create content plans for their employers and often help put those plans into action. They create cohesive messages by working closely with social media managers, marketing analysts and designers. Content strategists’ work is divided into projects and they must consider which visual elements best support the written content.

Strong communication skills are vital. Effective content strategists also have skills in technical writing, user experience, and people management. These professionals can work for many companies over the course of their careers and are often freelancers.


Average salary: Approximately $56,500
Job description: Copywriters create high-impact advertisements to promote the sale of goods or services. They can capture an increasingly rare market share and speak directly to consumers with limited attention and time. Copywriters develop slogans, short messages and other creative content, often in collaborative work environments. These professionals meet regularly with customers to understand their needs and see projects through to implementation.

Excellent writing skills are a must to deliver powerful and persuasive messages. Copywriters need to work well within strict deadlines and be able to think outside the box. When employed by a company, a copywriter often creates all levels of written communications, from emails to press releases, both internal and external.

SEO specialist

Average salary: Approximately $49,900
Job description: Search engine ranking means everything these days, and SEO specialists ensure that their organizations appear at the top of search engine results pages. They continuously develop and update SEO according to best practices that change frequently.

SEO specialists need to keep up to date with the latest tricks to improve a business’ online visibility such as: B. knowing what keywords to include on a web page to ensure that it appears in web searches for those keywords. SEO specialists must have extensive knowledge of HTML and other programming languages, as well as search engine analysis.

Email Marketing Specialist

Average salary: Approximately $54,400
Job description: Email marketers help their businesses advertise via email, but their responsibilities may vary by employer. These specialists determine what customers want and plan and execute email marketing campaigns accordingly. They develop marketing plans for specific products or brands that align with their company’s mission and public image.

Email marketers need to understand how to reach an audience, use the most effective marketing mediums, and stay on budget. These professionals typically have strong skills in marketing communications, strategic marketing, project management, and social media marketing.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs) about careers in digital marketing

Is Digital Marketing a Good Profession?

For many people yes. The area offers good pay and advancement opportunities, as well as many opportunities for freelance work.

Is digital marketing a well-paid job?

Digital marketing careers often pay above-average salaries. According to the BLS, digital marketing managers earn particularly high salaries, earning an average annual salary of over $140,000.

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