Digital Marketing Strategies for Financial Advisors

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Digital Marketing Strategies for Financial Advisors

in a (n Article For financial planning, Erica Carnevalli discussed some best practices for financial advisors looking to empower their digital marketing. An effective online presence is essential for consultants looking to market their services to younger prospects in particular.

According to Broadridge Financial Solutions, over 40% of advisors have acquired clients through social media marketing, but only 28% of advisors have an online marketing strategy. The first step is to develop your strategy, target your ideal customer and ensure it aligns with the value of your business.

The second step is to find the channel that fits your personality. Options include podcasts, short videos, or blogging. The key is to make small investments of time and energy first. Once something gains momentum, you can double down on that particular approach. Another key is to be consistent in your output and timing so you’re consistently present in your prospect’s feed.

Finally, consultants must create a professional online image that reflects the best version of you. That means keeping your content professional and curating any comments that might hurt or distract from your goal.

finance: Digital marketing is becoming increasingly important for consultants looking to grow their practice. Here are some important considerations.

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