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Microsoft may want to expand its offering Google AdSense Alternative: Microsoft pubCenter for more publishers. I think Microsoft pubCenter could try to attract smaller publishers.

Menachem Ani saw a pop-up in the Microsoft Advertising console that he shared Twitter, the pop-up invites them to sign up “to make money from your website”. The notice also states that there are “no revenue or volume thresholds for participation.” The notification is specific to AdSense and states that you can replace these AdSense ad units with these ads from Microsoft.

The notification looks like this (click to enlarge):

Click for full size

Here is the text of that notification:

Exclusive opportunity to make more money from your website.

Do you have a website, domain or blog that can be monetized with ads? Microsoft is building a solution just for you, so you can earn more from your website with high-quality, relevant ads. And if you use AdSense, you can place our ads in the same units and we’ll make sure only the highest-priced ad is shown. With our solution, you can deliver engaging ads that match your website experience, increase engagement and result in more sales for you!

Our waiting list is open to interested partners who want to help test this new product and provide feedback. There are no revenue or volume thresholds to participate.

Just so you know, Microsoft originally had their AdSense alternative started in 2006 as Content Ads. Eventually they changed the name to Microsoft pubCenterwhere there is still an active one Login page here. This seems different from that Microsoft Startup Partner Program.

I guess time will tell. I’ll try to log in and let you know more.

forum discussion below Twitter.

Update: A few weeks later I now have access to:

Note: I see a notice that says “We’re reviewing your profile. Our review can take up to seven business days. We’ll notify you once it’s approved.” I assume the ad won’t run until I’ve reviewed it.

Here is a sample ad:

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