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Dublin, May 9, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Tue “Europe Metaverse Market Intelligence and Future Growth Dynamics Databook – 100+ KPIs covering Market Size by Sector X Use Cases X Technology, Business & Consumer Spending, NFT Spending – Q1 2023” Report has been added Offer.

The metaverse industry in Europe is expected to grow at 44.6% annually and will reach $36.8 billion in 2023.

The Metaverse industry is expected to grow steadily during the forecast period, registering a CAGR of 32.0% during 2023-2030. The Metaverse issue value in the country will grow from $25.4 billion in 2022 to $256.6 billion in 2030.

This report provides a comprehensive overview of the Europe and country level Metaverse industry size and dynamics, covering 100+ KPIs for each country and region. It describes market opportunities in key sectors – Retail, Technology & Telecom, Financial Services, Manufacturing, Travel & Hospitality, Media & Entertainment, Training & Education, Real Estate, and Health & Wellness. It offers analysis of both business spending and consumer spending.

Across Europe, consumers are ready to learn more about the Metaverse and its various applications. From socializing to online shopping to attending entertainment events like concerts at the Metaverse, consumers are open to a variety of activities in the virtual world.

These trends have led many major brands to innovate based on customer experiences and drive the future growth of their businesses. As companies continue to work on the future of the internet, investments in this sector are expected to increase significantly in the short to medium term. Although the sector is still in an early stage of development, the publisher believes that the industry’s growth prospects are robust over the next three to four years.

French Metaverse startups raise funds to accelerate development of their platform

More and more brands and companies want to use Metaverse’s possibilities to reach their potential customers in France. However, the lack of skills and expertise in this segment has become a major obstacle for many brands. Startups target such companies and develop platforms that can help brands and companies build and manage their presence in the metaverse with limited knowledge. To further accelerate the development of their platform, these startups launch funding rounds.

In October 2022, METAV.RS, the Paris-based Metaverse startup, announced that it had raised €3 million to accelerate the development of its Metaverse content management platform. The €3 million seed funding round was led by Jsquare, a Singapore-based Web3 fund. Founded in 2022, the company aims to make the Metaverse more accessible to businesses in the country while allowing them to more effectively manage their presence in the virtual world.

The no-code platform offers brands integrated apps that allow them to seamlessly manage the virtual worlds. In addition, the company wants to give marketing teams the ability to easily integrate content into the metaverse. The platform is also compatible with e-commerce platforms, ensuring that brands from different industries can use the services.

In the short to medium term, the publisher expects that METAV.RS will expand its presence on the world market. The company currently has offices in Hong Kong and Seoul, where the industry is experiencing strong growth.

Fashion brands are forging strategic alliances to deliver metaverse experiences to their UK consumers

Like irreplaceable tokens, fashion brands are also looking to increase their presence in the metaverse to capitalize on the consumer appeal of emerging UK technology. For example,

In November 2022, Burberry, a UK-based fashion brand, announced it had entered into a strategic collaboration with Mine Craft. As part of the partnership, Burberry has created in-game adventures in the Minecraft metaverse for its customers.

In addition, there are 15 downloadable skins that players can use to dress up their characters. The skins will be available on the Minecraft Marketplace starting November 1st. Along with the in-game adventure, Burberry will also release a capsule collection of clothing that features 8-bit graphics inspired by the Minecraft universe.

As consumer interest in the UK continues to grow, the publisher expects more brands to launch innovative Metaverse experiences for their customers in the short to medium term.

Germany-based sports brands are rolling out Metaverse experiences for their in-country buyers

Competition in retail has intensified in recent years. As a result, companies are innovating their customers’ shopping journey to gain a competitive advantage over others. The emergence of Metaverse has opened up a way for German brands to create immersive shopping experiences.

In September 2022, Puma, a German sports company, announced the launch of its Metaverse platform Black Station, designed to offer shoppers an immersive experience. Notably, the platform offers exclusive non-fungible tokens with redeemable limited-edition physical sneakers.

Before Puma ventured into the world of the Metaverse, Germany’s Adidas Originals also launched avatars for the Metaverse. In April 2022, the company launched a personality-based, AI-generated avatar creation platform in partnership with Ready Player Me. Users can create and animate their avatars while digitally trying on and purchasing sneakers from the Metaverse collection.

In the short to medium term, more consumer-focused brands are expected to enter the metaverse as demand for innovative experiences continues to grow among shoppers across the country.

A bundled offer: 13 reports – 1 regional and 12 country levels

  • Europe Metaverse Market Intelligence and Future Growth Dynamics data book.
  • Austria Metaverse Market Intelligence and Future Growth Dynamics Databook
  • Databook on Belgium Metaverse market intelligence and future growth dynamics
  • Denmark Metaverse Market Intelligence and Future Growth Dynamics Databook
  • Finland Metaverse Market Intelligence and Future Growth Dynamics Databook
  • France Metaverse Market Intelligence and Future Growth Dynamics Databook
  • Germany Metaverse Market Intelligence and Future Growth Dynamics Databook
  • Italy Metaverse Market Intelligence and Future Growth Dynamics Databook
  • Poland Metaverse Market Intelligence and Future Growth Dynamics Databook
  • “Russia Metaverse Market Intelligence and Future Growth Dynamics” data book.
  • Spain Metaverse Market Intelligence and Future Growth Dynamics Databook
  • Switzerland Metaverse Market Intelligence and Future Growth Dynamics Databook
  • Metaverse Market Intelligence and Future Growth Dynamics data book for the United Kingdom

Key Features:

report attribute details
number of pages 2562
forecast period 2023 – 2030
Estimated market value (USD) in 2023 $36781.3 million
Projected market value (USD) by 2030 $256646.2 million
Annual growth rate 31.9%
Regions Covered Europe

scope for each report

Metaverse Market size and future growth dynamics by key performance indicators

Metaverse – Business Spending Trend Analysis by Sector Value, 2021-2030

Total Metaverse Business Spend by Use Case/Application, 2021-2030

Total NFT Spending by Industry Value Trend Analysis, 2021-2030

Metaverse business spend by technology

Output by platform for metaverse

Metaverse E-Commerce Spend by Sector (Gross Merchandise Value), 2021-2030

NFT market size and future growth dynamics by key performance indicators

NFT – Total Sales Value Trend Analysis, 2021-2030

NFT – Total Sales Spend Volume Trend Analysis, 2021-2030

NFT – Average value per transaction trend analysis, 2021-2030

NFT Market Size and Forecast by Key Commodity, 2021-2030

NFT Collectibles and Art Trend Analysis, 2021-2030

NFT Real Estate Trend Analysis, 2021-2030

NFT Sport Trend Analysis, 2021-2030

NFT Gaming Trend Analysis, 2021-2030

NFT Utility Trend Analysis, 2021-2030

NFT Trend Analysis for Fashion and Luxury, 2021-2030

Trend analysis on other assets, 2021-2030

Metaverse Consumer Spending by Device, 2021-2030

Metaverse Consumer Spending by Hardware Device, 2021-2030

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