Fox News host Dan Bongino also received a Google Ads ban

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Fox News host Dan Bongino also received a Google Ads ban

Days later it was permanent , Dan Bongino has also lost his ability to generate revenue from Google Ads. On Friday the Bongino Report sent a tweet noting that Google had revoked the expert’s AdSense account. Later the same day confirmed the blocking with Google. The company told the outlet that Bongino’s website had violated AdSense .

“We have strict publisher policies that specifically prohibit misleading and harmful content surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic and verifiably false claims about our elections,” a Google spokesperson told Engadget. “If publishers consistently violate our policies, we will stop showing Google ads on their sites. Publishers can always appeal a decision once they have addressed infringing content.”

Bogino’s YouTube ban was lifted by Google after the Fox News presenter tried to avoid a previous suspension related to the platform . On one of his accounts he published a video in which he questioned the effectiveness of masks against the corona virus. At that time, YouTube temporarily banned Bogino. He was then permanently banned after trying to post the same video on another channel, which violated the platform’s terms of service.

In an episode of his podcast titled “I Dare YouTube to Do This,” ahead of the first lockdown, Bogino said he would continue to post videos about his mask claims until the company took action. And while it appears he actively asked Google for a ban on both counts, losing AdSense revenue could hurt Bongino more than losing access to YouTube. On twitter, co-founder of a nonprofit dedicated to fighting disinformation in the digital advertising industry, said Gateway Pundit, a site spreading COVID-19 and election misinformation, lost $1.1 million in annual revenue after Google ditched its AdSense – Account blocked.

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