Google Adsense Trailer Reveals Two Major New Witch Queen Exotics From Destiny 2

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Google Adsense Trailer Reveals Two Major New Witch Queen Exotics From Destiny 2

Now that’s a strange thing. Apparently, a new ad for Destiny 2’s Witch Queen expansion is making the rounds, not on social media, but as a Google Adsense insert, like one of those little autoplay videos that show up when you visit a website.

And somehow it manages to reveal more new stuff than anything we’ve seen in the last issue officially Destiny 2 Witch Queen adds, including two significant new weapons. You can view the ad here for nowor lower if this embed works. I assume you could consider it spoileralthough this is largely an advertisement by Bungie?

The first weapon is shown above, and while I’m not sure if it’s an exotic or a legendary weapon (pretty sure it would be exotic), it appears to be some sort of arc railgun/machine gun hybrid.

The second weapon is something completely different. in what definitive It has to be an exotic, a grenade launcher that shoots what appears to be exploding hive larvae.



The ad also features the exotic submachine gun that we’ve seen in promotional materials before, but I’m still not entirely sure what it does. There’s also a fairly extensive feature for a glaive that looks different than what we’ve seen so far, but we know so little about glaives right now that I’m not quite sure what we’re seeing here.

Again, I have no idea what’s going on with this ad and why it’s only showing in certain regions through Google Adsense. It looks like this is probably something Bungie planned to release here soon as it wouldn’t have been cut and uploaded so we might get a more official release of it next week. Or if I can spread that enough, they’ll just release a better version of it today. Since I’m lucky I’ll write this article and when it gets published there will just be the full version of it. But they don’t usually do that on Sundays.

We’re now just three weeks away from the release of Destiny 2’s Witch Queen expansion, and the ads have shown us a decent amount of gear so far, but the actual story beats the basics (the Hive got the light in Savathun’s throne world). I really know very little about what is to come.

Stay tuned for more, probably also an HD version of this trailer soon.

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