Google Analytics and AdSense do not receive a Core Web Vitals Pass

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Google Analytics and AdSense do not receive a Core Web Vitals Pass

Google’s Martin Splitt spoke about Google products and why they don’t break web vitals ratings. Just like other third-party web add-ons, Google’s products can negatively impact the core values ​​of web vitals.

Google products slow down websites

Google Ads and other products can slow down a website. Frustratingly for many publishers, the Google AdSense code is one of Web Vitals’ biggest offenders.

You’d think Google would give its own ad network a pass. But that’s not the case, and Martin explains why.

Loren Baker, founder of Search Engine Journal, found that Google Analytics, Google Ads, and Google Tags can negatively impact core web vitals scores.

Martin Splitt nodded in agreement.

All third-party add-ons are treated equally

Martin explained that Google Search doesn’t differentiate between third-party add-ons, even Google.

As far as the main web vitals go, everything is treated the same on the search page.

Martin explained:

“Yes. If it slows down, it slows down. It doesn’t matter where it comes from, whether it comes from Google or not.”

Google search is separate from the rest of Google

Martin went on to report that Google search is separate from the rest of the company and no help or support is given to departments outside of search from the search side.

Martin Splitt:

“And that’s something that people need to understand, that Google search as the search engine that you use and work with is very well separated from the rest of Google.

And that’s also because it would be unfair to favor our products, right?

I wouldn’t agree if we said, “Oh yeah, no sure, we let analytics and ads through and every other ad provider or every other analytics provider has to deal with the fact that they actually have to optimize for the core web vitals .” .

We do not do that. Everyone has an equal opportunity and obviously people on Google sometimes try to say, “Hey (mutilated) you can help us with this and we think here is the webmaster forum, here is the office hours, here is the documentation you will get.

These are public support channels for everyone, including Google employees.

So I think it’s very risky when people say, well, we’re going to use X because it’s a Google thing.

It does not matter. If it slows down your website, it will slow down your website too.”

Loren Baker noted:

“And then Analytics is also a front-end implementation, so there are opportunities to change the implementation on that side as well.”

Core Web Vitals and Third Party Apps

Admittedly, upgrading core web vitals stats can be a little tedious. The solutions to deal with Google products are the same as any other third-party app. When searching, there are no benefits from using Google products.


Watch Martin Splitt at minute 16:45

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