Google is testing the new beta program Rewarded Ad Gate for publishers

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Google is testing the new beta program Rewarded Ad Gate for publishers

Google is testing a new rewarded ads beta program for publishers to provide their players with long, playable ads.

How it works. As described by “The Rewarded Ad Gate beta program gives you the opportunity to monetize your most engaged users. If a user visits your website frequently, you have the opportunity to earn additional advertising revenue.”

1. The Rewarded Ad Gate is displayed to a visitor on the fifth page of each month.
2. If the visitor chooses to view a short ad, a video or image ad will play for a maximum of 30 seconds.
3. When the viewing is complete, a “thank you” message will appear and the visitor will be granted access to your website.
4. If the user chooses not to watch a short ad, they will not be able to access the website until their page views reset in the following month or they choose to watch the ad.

Dig deeper. There is no information from Google on the new test, but you can read the post from Here.

Why it matters to us. If you’re a publisher, the new feature could be another way for you to further monetize your content. We’ll update this article with more information as it becomes available.

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