Google offers first-party cookie support for publishers

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Google offers first-party cookie support for publishers

Google just announced its plans to launch a suite of features designed to help publishers monetize their sites and increase their focus on first-party data relationships. Features include support for ad personalization with first-party publisher cookies in Google Ad Manager and AdSense.

Extension of the publisher’s first-party cookies. First-party publisher cookies can help publishers serve relevant ads without tracking users on third-party sites. First party cookies from publishers were previously available to prevent frequency capping and fraud control.

If a publisher allows it, Google will serve first-party cookies to publishers to improve ad relevance on that publisher’s site. The solution uses information from advertising interactions that users make on the publisher’s own website. This information cannot be used on another publisher’s website. The feature also takes into account users’ personalized ad preferences that they have specified through the AdChoice controls.

Publisher first-party cookies are a particularly useful solution for smaller publishers who may not have the resources or infrastructure to leverage first-party data independently. Their use requires only minimal technical effort on the part of the publishers.

The introduction of audience signals. Google announced Signals provided by publishers last month to help publishers categorize their first-party data into audience or contextual segments, and then share those signals with programmatic buyers. These signals make it easier for programmatic buyers to “find and buy audiences based on factors like demographics, content interests, or purchase intent across multiple sites and apps, without tracking people’s activity in apps or across the web.”

What Google says. In a statement to Search Engine Land, Google said:

“As part of a broader suite of tools, we help publishers of all sizes create lasting advertising strategies that maintain user trust. This solution is truly designed to support the publishing base, particularly smaller publishers who may not have as many resources while continuing to grapple with evolving privacy expectations.”

Peentoo Patel, Head of Product Management, Google Ad Manager

Publication date. This feature will be available to publishers starting in November.

Why it matters to us. If you’re a smaller publisher and don’t have the capacity or resources to capitalize on first-party data, this support feature is for you. Additionally, supporting Google for publishers to use their first-party data will only improve their bottom line as privacy concerns and ad relevance continue to rise to the fore.

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