Google’s new AdSense reporting page makes it easy to toggle and visualize data

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Google's new AdSense reporting page makes it easy to toggle and visualize data

Google has launched a new AdSense reporting page, the company says announced Tuesday. The new reporting page is rolling out in stages and may take up to two weeks to reach all publishers.

Adsense Reports Comparison 2 712x600
Adsense Report Comparison 1 712x600
The new AdSense reporting page (above) and the old one, which will be retired at the end of September (below). Source: Google.

New data restrictions. Google has limited reporting data for all AdSense products to the last three years. Except for billing and payment data, all AdMob and YouTube reporting data has also been removed. This limitation makes reports more accurate, Google called.

Historical data can still be downloaded from the old reports page or the new reports page, where it will be available until the end of 2020.

The Legacy Reports page will remain available temporarily. Publishers are automatically enabled for the new report page when their accounts are updated. However, the previous version of the report page will remain accessible until the end of September.

The future of AdSense. The AdSense API will be updated in 2021 with more parameters and signals. Over the next year, Google’s priority will be to enable publishers to gain more insights from the data they already have by contextualizing report data with suggestions.

Why it matters to us. The new reporting interface aims to make it easier for publishers to edit and visualize their data. Additional in-product help is also added via hover information icons. These improvements can help publishers spot trends, compare key metrics, and learn more about how their account is performing.

Publishers wishing to download data older than three years should do so before it is permanently deleted. This would be late 2020 if using the new report page, or late September if using the older version.

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