Google’s new “Side Rail” ads follow you on websites

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Google's new "Side Rail" ads follow you on websites

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Sure, the internet is great, but it has one major flaw. There just isn’t enough advertising. If you’re like me, you spend your time online staring at the screen, desperately hoping for some other way to convert your attention into ad revenue. Thanks to our hard-working friends from the tech industry, there’s finally some good news on that front. Starting December 23, Google will introduce a new ad format so-called “side rails” that will do that are displayed on the pages of websites and keep you company as you scroll.

“Today we’re announcing a new ad format called Side Rails,” Google announced on a website help page for web developers. “Siderails are ads that stick to the sides of your pages when viewed on widescreen devices like desktops.”

Siderails are automatically displayed on websites that have certain settings enabled in the Google AdSense service. They are a fun and very welcome addition to the ads that appear at the top or bottom of a webpage and follow you (so-called “anchor ads”).

I know what you’re thinking. “These anchor ads are great! I love the way they take up space on my screen and protect me from seeing the content I clicked on. I just wish they showed up in more places.” Well, your prayers have been answered and we’re finally getting more of them.

There are already ads that appear on the sides of websites, often referred to as “side rails”. The difference with the Google version, however, is that these are a bit more dynamic, and are carried along as you scroll down rather than staying in one place as you scroll.

Best of all, you only have to wait a few more weeks to see them because Santa is bringing the side rails just in time for Christmas. It’s an advertising miracle.

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