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It turns out real people crave real connection as image bearers.

Is the Metaverse on the way? Cemetery? A year and a half after its release, the Metaverse is still wildly unpopular, despite multi-million dollar corporate investments and costly marketing campaigns. The best funded metaverse app has only 38 active daily users, And Microsoft and Disney have fired their dedicated Metaverse teams.

In the initial hype, Meta overestimated the desire and demand for virtual reality. Meta could be our generation’s MySpace, soon to be replaced by something superior, or it could be the lack of accountability for ours embodied natures as image carriers.

Although we tend to be dissatisfied with our bodies and our relationships, we still crave “face-to-face” interaction and experiences because our bodies are real, as is the physical world. Even the most beautiful picture cannot replace a close-up view of the Grand Canyon.

Digital counterfeiting does not or does not alter who we really are, body and spirit, a “living soul” made in the image and likeness of God.

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