Hotel Email Marketing Explained

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Hotel Email Marketing Explained

Hotel email marketing is an essential strategy for hotels to promote their services and increase bookings through targeted and personalized email campaigns. By using email marketing, hotels can connect with potential guests, build customer relationships and drive revenue growth.

A proper email marketing and communications strategy will dramatically improve your hotel’s ability to engage with customers, build guest loyalty, and nurture direct repeat customers, setting you apart from your competitors.

Before we dive in, be sure to check out our Ultimate Guides hotel marketing And guest retention.

What is hotel email marketing?

Hotel email marketing is one of the best digital marketing media to promote your hotel.

It’s also an effective way to keep your past guests engaged; maintain relationships with guests and prospects; convert inquiries into bookings; Inform current guests about all the news about their stay at your hotel. and upselling or cross-selling rooms to future guests.

What Are the Different Types of Hotel Email Marketing?

There are three types of hotel email marketing.

  • Promotional emails are sent to inform guests or prospects about special offers, limited-time offers, or exclusive content designed to speed up the purchasing process or enable new or repeat bookings.
  • Transactional emails are sent to individual hotel guests following a booking or other commercial transaction or specific action by a specific guest.
  • Newsletter. Hotels and organizations use newsletters to deliver relevant and valuable information to their customers, prospects and subscribers; to encourage bookings; or to drive traffic to a hotel website.

Why is hotel email marketing important for hoteliers?

Hotel email marketing enables an operation to maximize the value of guest data by continuously interacting with guests to generate more revenue.

By engaging your guests before and during their stay with personalized communications – relevant booking details, practical information and pre-arrival reminders – you can foster guest relationships and future bookings.

Additionally, email marketing is the best tool to keep in touch with previous guests long after their stay, which can lead to repeat or word of mouth business for you.

Email is also a great marketing channel to promote your hotel and sell or sell rooms even as your guest behavior changes.

After all, it is a budget-friendly channel that will help you connect with potential customers. With a ROI of $42 per dollar spentEmail marketing tends to produce better results than other channels such as social media, direct mail, search, or TV advertising.

How does email marketing help hotels increase guest retention?

There are several ways hotel email marketing can help you with guest retention.

Email marketing allows you to ask guests for feedback and thank guests for their visit after a hotel stay.

This follow-up helps ensure your hotel stays in the minds of your guests for future trips and creates a real sense of connection with them, leading to increased loyalty.

Email marketing is also an opportunity to invite guests to join your loyalty program, or to send them special offers, discount codes, or other valuable content that can encourage return visits.

Why not also create a referral program to encourage existing or former guests to recommend your hotel to potential new customers?

By integrating your hotel email marketing tool with your CRM and/or guest management system, you can create a more consistent guest experience while driving more bookings and increasing sales.

By integrating these platforms, you can create advanced, personalized guest communications, such as: B. curated welcome emails or offers based on birthday, stay dates or other aspects of your guests’ previous stay dates.

When is hotel email marketing recommended?

Reach out to past guests every 8-9 months with an email campaign to remind them what a wonderful time they had with you last time and why they might look forward to visiting again.

Re-engage them with interesting content about the hotel – property highlights, local dining and entertainment venues, etc. – as well as current offers.

Increase pre-stay interaction with previous guests who have already rebooked with personalized transactional emails, up-sell offers, special food and drink promotions, or information about attractions or events taking place in or around your hotel.

  • Throughout the booking process:

Set up triggered rules to automate the sending of abandonment emails on your website and update offers Hotel CRM automation. If guests drop out during the booking process and have provided their contact information, send them an offer to return them to your home and complete the booking process. After booking, offer them the option of an upgrade with a spa package or room upgrade in their pre-arrival message.

A personalized welcome letter is a small but important factor in optimizing the guest experience that leads to repeat visits and referral business. Find out what should be in your hotel welcome letter, how to write it and download it 3 Templates for successful welcome letters to get started!

Emails with content that showcases recommended local attractions, restaurants and bars, and events around your hotel can also be sent to current guests.

Hotel email marketing can also be used to keep in touch with guests after their stay. By asking for feedback from your guests through us Hotel guest surveys, you can thank them for their visit, create a sense of connection and help ensure your hotel stays with these guests for future stays. Post-stay emails can lead to more loyalty, repeat business and word of mouth!

How do I get started with hotel email marketing?

Here are a few assets to get you started:

At Amadeus and as part of Guest management solutionsWe help hoteliers increase guest retention and increase repeat customers by understanding who your guests and prospects are and personalizing your communications with them.

feel free to reach Contact us for more ideas on how to successfully implement your hotel email marketing strategies!

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