House of Designers: We celebrate 14 eventful years in digital marketing

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House of Designers: We celebrate 14 eventful years in digital marketing

More than a decade of enriching the digital landscape with creativity and unparalleled customer success

COSTA MESA, California., May 24, 2023 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — In a world of bespoke marketing solutions, one agency has been forging its own path for 14 great years of change. House of Designers (HOD), the superheroes of the world of digital marketing, are delighted to announce their 14th anniversary, a testament to their relentless commitment to creative excellence and relentless innovation.

HOD was launched in 2009 not just as another marketing agency, but as a collective of creative wizards who live, breathe and dream digitally. Guided by the dynamic Jojo SantosThe agency’s evolution from a small start-up to a full-service powerhouse has been nothing short of spectacular. Offering a diverse range of services including Content Marketing Campaigns, Video Production and Editing, Social Media and Video Content Creation, Graphic Design, Website Design, E-Commerce Solutions, Social Ads Development, Motion Graphic Animation, Brand Event Activation and street marketing, HOD has successfully shaped the digital landscape.

“Fourteen years? It feels like we just started yesterday!” enthusiastically Jojo Santos, the innovative leader. “It’s been an exciting journey, fueled by passion, creativity and lots (and we mean LOTS) of coffee. Our mission has always been simple: make our customers shine, and the rest follows.”

By pushing boundaries, embracing the new and daring to be different, HOD has proven that surviving in the digital landscape is not about surviving, it is about thriving. your potion? A blend of high-quality, engaging content, the latest trends and technology, and a dash of their secret ingredient: relentless dedication to client success.

The team donned party hats in Orange County last month to celebrate its 14th anniversary. But the real party, as Santos explained, is just getting started. “Here’s to the next 14 years and many more after that! We look forward to the new challenges, new solutions and new success stories that lie ahead.”

HOD begins another year of setting new standards, and customers can look forward to more innovation, more creativity, and more results. The House of Designers team led by Jojo Santosis ready to roll up its sleeves and make the digital world a little more colorful, business by business.

To chat about how House of Designers can grow your business, or for more information on their services, please visit or write a message at 714-230-8709.

About House of Designers

House of Designers is not your average creative agency. For 14 years, they have been disrupting the world of digital marketing with their innovative approach, exceptional service offerings and relentless commitment to making their clients shine. The HOD team led by Jojo SantosAlways up for a challenge, she has the coffee ready for the next big project. Check out her featured works below

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“Our mission has always been simple: Let our customers shine, the rest follows.”

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