Housewares retailer uses Bluecore to drive digital marketing

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Home goods retailer taps Bluecore to drive digital marketing

Lulu and Georgia, a home goods retailer, is using Bluecore’s retail growth automation system to power its digital marketing efforts, and the results have been a huge success so far.

According to a press release, the retailer saw a 229% increase in repeat customers and increased its first-time buyer traffic by 133%.

Lulu and Georgia surpassed pandemic-era order volume by growing opt-in customers by 5% for the first time.

“We chose to partner with Bluecore because we knew they could rise to the challenge of replicating the pandemic tailwinds we’ve experienced previously. Now we are no longer dependent on the whim of the market, but in control of our growth, no. “No matter what happens in the world,” said Julia Metaxas, vice president of growth at Lulu and Georgia, in the press release. “Bluecore has enabled us to automate and scale a highly personalized marketing approach that allows us to move faster in a highly competitive environment, be extremely efficient and do more with less. We are now seeing a much more immediate return on our marketing spend.” They also have long-term effects, such as increasing customer lifetime value.”

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