How companies can use AI tools to gain a competitive advantage in digital marketing

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How companies can use AI tools to gain a competitive advantage in digital marketing

AI is a time-saving tool, but not a substitute for skills and experience

Artificial intelligence (AI) has become such an integral part of everyone’s daily activities over the past 15 years that many people no longer realize how often they actually interact with it. The Pew Research Center surveyed 11,004 US adults to measure their awareness of the presence of AI technology in their daily lives. When it comes to GPS traffic, fitness watches, banking, and personalized online shopping experiences, 30% of Americans were considered very observant, 38% moderate, and 31% were unaware of how much they interact with AI on a daily basis.(1) The AI-powered Chat Generative Pre-Trained Transformer (ChatGPT), a next-generation natural language processing tool launched in November 2022, has been promoted as a time- and labor-saving device for everything from writing and researching schoolwork to multimedia applications. It also shows its usefulness in digital marketing. But could AI simply replace humans and take control of the digital marketing profession? Derek Chew, CEO of Fullmoon Digitalexplains that AI is a powerful tool – but only really effective when combined with human expertise.

Chew clarifies: “The performance of AI tools depends on access to large amounts of data to learn from. The current development of AI can perform writing and optimization tasks well if it has sufficient, targeted data and receives precise instructions. That way, marketers can.” Time can be saved by using AI effectively. However, the AI ​​lacks the overall understanding, emotional intelligence and insights to drive the process itself.”

Even before the introduction of ChatGPT, AI was increasingly used to support digital marketing tasks. AI and machine learning can personalize websites, analyze and predict customer behavior to segment communications, deliver personalized content, and help optimize advertising campaigns.(2)

AI is also being used to generate web content, but its ability to do so effectively is limited by access to existing, relevant data on the subject. This makes it more effective on some topics than others. Google’s newest algorithm, the Helpful Content Update, aims to reward human-made content that provides valuable and useful information.(3)

The long-term use of AI in digital marketing depends on improvements in code writing, mimicking human language, optimizing advertising tasks, streamlining customer service functions, and building websites.(4) The future potential of AI is wide open. Experts envision everything from data-driven serfdom to an idealized society where AI can improve health and fitness and reduce pollution. And with machines doing most of the work, humans may even be able to enjoy a universal base wage that allows them to reach their full human potential.(5)

AI is now a real economic force and plays an important role as a digital marketing tool. Marketers who ignore AI are missing out on time-saving data analytics like managing information relationships, measuring outcomes, and using statistical models to predict outcomes. Over-reliance on AI risks plagiarism, inaccuracies, and content that lacks emotional intelligence.(6)

AI systems are proficient at natural language modeling and logistic analysis, but completely incapable of creativity, subjective reasoning, or conscious reasoning.(6) Without human guidance and adaptation, AI output lacks insight, humor, and structural diversity—the elements that inspire the emotional responses that drive people to engage and take action.

“AI is a time-saving tool, but not a substitute for skills and experience. There are rumors that ChatGPT will replace Copywriter, but companies that limit content creation and ad creation to AI will be left behind. The output is intelligent but not emotional; Emotions.” , and not just logic, drive human decisions. Just because you CAN automate doesn’t mean you SHOULD,” says Chew.

A powerful example is brand identity, which reflects a company’s core values ​​and how the company’s personality comes across. It is critical to developing loyalty in today’s marketplace.(7) Properly targeted AI tools can mimic a brand’s identity, but it cannot be relied upon to generate or guide it.

Fullmoon Digital’s Marketing Process is individually tailored to each individual customer. Developing a successful digital marketing program takes more than ones and zeros; It requires effective communication, consistent collaboration, and hard work.

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