How Email Marketing Can Boost Your Relationship With Customers

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How Email Marketing Can Boost Your Relationship With Customers

  • Advanced and midsize businesses are looking for more effective ways to personalize their marketing efforts and target a diverse customer base.
  • To achieve this goal, email marketing can be a valuable and lucrative tool for these companies.
  • Follow these tips and tricks to increase your chances of getting noticed in your customers’ inboxes.

Mid-sized businesses are always looking for ways to expand their e-commerce presence and leverage their goods and services to increase sales. To build closer relationships with their customers and address their diverse needs, companies are using innovative email marketing strategies such as automated messages and content optimization tools.

Email marketing can be an effective and lucrative marketing channel for many businesses, with a remarkable return on investment of $43.60 for every dollar spent Data and Marketing Association.

If you want to increase your marketing efforts and achieve more success, here are some strategies you can implement to reach your goals.

Invest in building your subscriber base

Many medium-sized companies already have email newsletters and subscription boxes set up on their websites. Take it one step further and focus on increasing the number of touchpoints with prospects to grow your audience and build authentic connections with them.

If you already have an extensive social media presence, share your signup link on your social sites at least once a week. Many people who enjoy the content on your social media channels may be interested in seeing more of it in their inboxes. An easy way to get the ball rolling could be to host a contest or sweepstakes on your social site that requires participants to provide their email addresses to opt-in to your list.

Also, make sure to maximize your subscriber acquisition efforts through your website. An effective approach is to use your email software to create a content-rich landing page. Including an engaging article with striking images can help introduce potential subscribers to the high quality content they can expect. Some sites go a step further and include a newsletter subscription link in each article to make it easier for readers to subscribe.

Use a content-based email marketing strategy

Many midsize companies have developed an active content strategy, but what some overlook is developing an email marketing strategy to promote that content. A good email strategy allows you to achieve your business goals with potential campaigns, timing, audience demographics, and promotional tactics to get more signups.

As you develop your email content strategy, look for ways to make the most of the content you’ve already developed to get more from your investment. For example, a video you upload to your website can be shared via email, TikTok, and YouTube. Additionally, you can extract engaging snippets from articles you’ve shared with your email list and reuse them as social media posts that link to your subscribers list.

To further increase the effectiveness of your content, you can use the following Mailchimp’s AI-powered suggestions and analytics. This tool can help you create catchy subject lines, improve your email body, and track your email metrics for better results.

Test your content for better engagement

The midsize companies that are the most successful at email marketing don’t rely on their gut instincts to send their content to email subscribers. They test it thoroughly every day and use tools that give them objective information on indicators such as click or open rates.

A/B testing tools*, such as those offered by Mailchimp, can provide you with actionable insights, allowing you to test different versions of your emails before sending them to a broader audience and determine the best time of day to send your emails for maximum engagement. Additionally, you can use your software to test campaigns for a variety of email clients and ISPs. Mailchimp’s Content Optimizer** tool allows you to benchmark your campaigns against industry-leading examples, examining factors such as repaintability and visuals.

Automate it to save time and effort

In today’s business environment, marketing teams in medium-sized companies are challenged to do more with less. This is where marketing automation like Mailchimp’s Customer Journey Builder comes in handy. By setting up automated processes, you can free up valuable time and resources for other important tasks – which can be a significant benefit.

With built-in automated emails Customer Journey BuilderMailchimp customers saw up to a 127% increase in click-through rates compared to bulk email.***

With this tool you can create personalized trips for your subscribers. For example, if a customer signs up for your email list, you can automatically send them a welcome email and follow-up messages after each purchase. You can also use your email marketing software to send order notifications to customers when their purchase is awaiting delivery. Once these processes are in place, they don’t need to be repeated — saving your marketing team the hassle.

Learn more about how to improve your marketing mailchimp.

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Features and functionality vary by plan. *A/B testing is only available on paid plans. **Standard or Premium plan only. *** Customer Journey Builder only available for paid plans. CJB features and functionality vary by plan.

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