How to maximize your AdSense earnings with Amazon CPM ads

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How to maximize your AdSense earnings with Amazon CPM ads

if you use Adsense I’m sure you’ve been looking for other AdSense alternatives on your blog or website to increase your sales.

And in most cases there are two other alternatives:

  • High quality CPM ad networks like Conversant Media (formerly ValueClick), Exponential (formerly Tribal Fusion), Technorati, Adtegrity, and more
  • Other creative ad units like in-text links, pop-unders, pop-overs, interstitials and more from networks like RevenueHits, Intellilinks, Clicksor, Chitika and more.

However, in most cases, both of the above options may not have worked for you.

Most likely, your website has been rejected by high-quality CPM ad networks due to its high traffic and unique visitor requirements.

And chances are you’ve turned down other types of ad units to maintain user experience on your site, or these creative ad units didn’t pay more than AdSense.

Here’s a great option to increase your AdSense earnings without sacrificing user experience on your site: Amazon CPM Ads.

Here are some implementation tips Amazon CPM along with AdSense to maximize your revenue:

1) Create Amazon CPM ads with a target CPM higher than your AdSense CPM

Amazon CPM allows you to define a target CPM and passback ad code when you create an ad unit.

Target CPM allows you to specify a minimum CPM rate. Amazon only serves ads that meet your CPM target.

Passback ad code allows you to provide an alternative ad code like your AdSense ad code. If Amazon can’t meet your target CPM rate, Amazon will respond with the passback ad code and an AdSense ad will be served instead.

These are great options because they allow you to work with Amazon CPM ads without implementing new ad slots or sacrificing revenue.

2) Add product affiliate links to increase CPM rates

Amazon affiliate links and Amazon CPM ads are not directly related, but you can use affiliate links to help increase your CPM rates. When you can think of relevant products that your visitors might be interested in, consider including an Amazon affiliate link for that product in your content.

For example, if you’re writing about healthy eating habits, you might want to include links to the top three smoothie blenders on By adding relevant affiliate links, you increase the likelihood of generating affiliate revenue in addition to CPM ad revenue.

In addition, by driving traffic to relevant and specific Amazon product pages, you help Amazon to better target its CPM ads to your website visitors.

This will help increase your fill rates, ad relevance and better retargeting, which in turn will result in increased revenue.

3) Improve affiliate links to related products

Amazon’s “Items Ordered Report” and “Earnings Report” provide great insight into what visitors to your blog or website end up buying on

These reports provide great insights into new, unique and relevant products that you may not have heard of.

When you find such products, add affiliate links to those products on your website, introducing new relevant products to your visitors, increasing affiliate click-thrus, CPM fill rates, and sales.

In addition, Amazon also offers a special ad unit called “Native Shopping Ads” that provides relevant product recommendations in a customizable ad unit that you can place in your content.

You can allow Amazon to show dynamic recommendations, or you can select specific products to display in your native Shopping ad unit.

Native Shopping ads integrate seamlessly with your content. improve your click rates; and enhance your visitor experience with relevant product recommendations.

4) Add additional ad units

This is pretty obvious but worth mentioning as it can really boost your sales. Google AdSense allows you to add up to three AdSense ad units per page.

With Amazon CPM ads, you can add three additional ad units on your page without replacing an AdSense ad unit. While six ad units per page may not offer the best user experience, it is possible to add perhaps one, two, or all three additional Amazon ads combined with creative website design and layout.

If your site’s design allows for it, adding ad slots for Amazon CPM ads can significantly increase your overall revenue from the page.

In summary, if you only use AdSense on your site, Amazon CPM ads are a great way to increase your sales while partnering with a strong brand that you know delivers quality ads and that improved overall user experience on your website.

Raj Punjabi is the founder of and contributor to Search Engine Watch.

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