HumanAlpha partners with The Hype Studio to offer comprehensive digital marketing solutions

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HumanAlpha partners with The Hype Studio to offer comprehensive digital marketing solutions

Strategy consultancy and HR consultancy HumanAlpha has partnered with digital marketing and strategic PR agency The Hype Studio to offer comprehensive digital marketing solutions. The goal of this collaboration is to drive HumanAlpha’s growth and success by leveraging the strengths of both companies.

HumanAlpha views this partnership as a significant brand transformation and growth milestone. They have set two main goals: to become the most credible data and technology-driven strategy consulting and HR consultancy for the Indian SME ecosystem and to establish themselves as India’s leading leadership development company.

Vijayashree Venkat, Founder and CEO of HumanAlpha said, “This collaboration with Mr. Vineet Malhotra and his team at The Hype Studio is definitely the beginning of a new era for HumanAlpha. With his strong credentials as an influencer in the PR world, we are.” We are excited and confident that we will achieve impactful brand positioning that will enable us to drive the growth of brands worldwide.”

Founded in 2019, HumanAlpha follows a Human & Culture Centric approach, specializing in strategy consulting and HR consulting services. With over 35 brands across the US, Europe and India, they have established themselves as a trusted partner for growth, brand transformation and strategic recruitment.

Founded in 2018, Hype Studio has quickly become a pioneer in PR and digital marketing. Her talent-driven model consistently delivers exceptional results and earns industry recognition.

HumanAlpha recognized the need for an evolved approach to digital marketing and partnered with The Hype Studio to leverage their expertise. Hype Studio’s ability to engage audiences, build credibility, and increase visibility aligns with HumanAlpha’s vision for effective PR management.

Mahesh Sheshadri, Co-Founder and Director of HumanAlpha said: “As we enter our fifth year of enabling change and growth for over 50 brands, HumanAlpha was looking for a partner with the ability to expand our impact and reach in the accelerate global ecosystem. As a result, the “Hype Studio, led by Mr. Vineet Malhotra, has become an integral part of our growth journey. Together we will realize our vision and create remarkable growth stories for leaders and brands in the future.”

HumanAlpha and The Hype Studio will combine their strengths and expertise to create a synergistic relationship. The Hype Studio will be instrumental in strengthening the HumanAlpha brand through innovative digital marketing strategies aligned with the company’s growth goals.

This collaboration has the potential to revolutionize the PR landscape. With their strategic solutions, HumanAlpha and The Hype Studio will navigate the evolving digital marketing landscape, setting new industry standards and driving unprecedented success for their clients.

Published on: Thursday, May 25, 2023 4:19 PM IST

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