Made to Measure: How to Tailor Marketing for Unique Demographics

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Made to Measure: How to Tailor Marketing for Unique Demographics

It takes time for a new sustainability-focused brand to gain market recognition – especially in a crowded market. Here are five key things to keep in mind when trying to reach hard-to-reach audiences.

Connecting new customers online is a challenge for any business. But that task becomes even more difficult when you’re a sustainability-focused brand targeting commercial buyers in a saturated market. However, with the right digital marketing strategy, brands can break through the crowds and attract engaged customers to fuel future growth.

in the last few years, logical position

(LP) has partnered with a sustainable lighting brand revise its digital marketing strategy with the aim of attracting a new group of commercial buyers. What we learned provides a guide that other brands can use to achieve similar success in the marketplace.

About Revolve LED

rotate LED (RL) is a direct supplier of LED lighting systems for indoor and outdoor applications. Their products range from simple offerings such as lamps and ceiling lighting to more complex commercial and residential lighting solutions. All RL products are mercury-free and sustainably made from 100 percent recycled materials.

RL’s target customers are contractors who install lighting systems in commercial and residential projects. As the company was looking to grow, it wanted to invest significant resources in reaching this audience through online advertising.

Update your strategy

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With this goal in mind, Logical Position partnered with RL to develop and execute an updated digital marketing strategy aimed at working class buyers at every point in their buying journey. The updated strategy comprised five key elements: Google ads, youtubeproduct reviews, email marketing and Amazon To sue.

It takes time for a new brand to gain recognition in the market – especially in a crowded market. But RL was patient and willing to test different approaches – which ultimately paid off with impressive results and sustained growth.

Learn more about the buyers

The first step in launching RL’s updated digital marketing strategy was to understand how professional shoppers shop online. Google offers artificial intelligence tools that can do most of the work for advertisers. However, we wanted to get as much inbound search data as possible to see how business buyers found RL and Make informed adjustments to our advertising approach. To do this, we built RL’s Google Ads account from the ground up and took full control of ad placement. Once we had the data we needed, we slowly began handing off the account to Google’s automated software without sacrificing results.

We also expanded RL’s paid strategy Microsoft‘S Bing ad network. Bing is often the default web browser on many work computers. So this was a small success in our effort to reach more new customers.

Paid Ad Results

From 2021 to 2022, RL’s impressions grew from 12 million to 16 million, clicks increased from 116,000 to 143,000, and return on ad spend increased by 113 percent.

Increase brand awareness

Contractors are not always willing to take risks with new brands as their results are tantamount to their reputation. So we had to take the time to build brand awareness among our target audience.

YouTube played an important role in this. We used the platform to retarget users who had previously visited the RL website to keep the brand in mind. We also created dynamic, descriptive and informative videos to promote RL products to commercial buyers.

Build trust with your customers

In addition to building brand awareness, we also wanted to inspire confidence in RL’s products. To this end, we have worked with Approved by buyer Implement a star rating and product review system that connects potential first-time buyers with satisfied customers. Once potential buyers could see how much others loved RL’s products, a new level of trust was created that ultimately led to additional sales.

Product Review Results

After scoring its 100th review in February 2022, RL’s CTR doubled from 0.7 percent to 1.4 percent the following month.

Speak authentically

Email marketing has been a big part of RL’s success story. Before implementing this strategy, however, we worked with RL to determine how best to communicate with this specific, professional audience. In a bid to keep the tone professional and never cheesy, we crafted creative copy that uses straightforward language and supports RL’s commitment to customer service and staying ahead of the competition.

Email Results

At the end of 2022, nearly 15 percent of RL’s total business revenue came from email marketing.

Sell ​​where customers shop

Of course, no ecommerce strategy would be complete without an Amazon presence. Finally, 56 percent of consumers
Visit Amazon first when looking for a new purchase. To attract professional buyers on Amazon, we devised a strategy that took full advantage of the platform’s promotional offerings – allowing RL to reach shoppers whether they were familiar with the brand, new to the brand, or buying from the competition.

Amazon Results

Amazon returns soared to an average monthly revenue of over $54,000.

Tips for achieving similar results

After more than a year of active management, Revolve LED saw a significant increase in e-commerce results. Impressions grew to 16 million, clicks increased 68 percent, and the company’s return on ad spend increased 113 percent. Authentically targeting worker buyers using a coherent digital marketing strategy enabled RL not only to scale its business, but also to operate profitably.

Here’s a summary of our findings, which other sustainability-focused brands can emulate to achieve similar results:

  • Be patient: Building a new brand takes time. Revolve LED accepted lower initial returns, knowing that this would translate into higher profitability over time.

  • Trust your partners: RL gave its marketing partners the space they needed to run tests and optimize results.

  • Be varied: By incorporating Amazon, email marketing, website improvements, and brand awareness promotion, RL was able to target worker buyers across multiple channels.

  • Stay flexible: Digital marketing is constantly changing; So be prepared to adjust your approach if needed.

  • Keep advertising budgets open: If you’re exceeding your target return on ad spend, leave money on the table by limiting your advertising budget.

Pierces the noise

Despite the inherent challenges, sustainability-focused brands can successfully drive growth by addressing the specific needs of their demographics—from blue collar workers to soccer moms. However, it takes patience to take the time to build the right brand and have a clear understanding of how each customer group buys products. When tailored factors are incorporated into a thoughtful digital marketing campaign, sustainability-focused brands can shine even in the most crowded markets.

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