Manhattan Valley Housing Lottery Opens: 2 Bedrooms Available for Just under $315,000

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Manhattan Valley Housing Lottery Opens: 2 Bedrooms Available for Just under $315,000

A housing lottery was started at 107 West 105th Street.

A new housing lottery has been launched at 107 West 105th Street (between Amsterdam and Columbus Avenues) – an HDFC co-op offering three two-bedroom apartments for the selection of qualified applicants.

Applicants must be prospective first-time buyers of a home and want to use the space as their primary residence. Past property owners are not eligible, New York City residents are preferred.

Delivery is expected in June.

“This completely renovated, energy-efficient walk-in building is located two blocks from Central Park and Broadway and features two-bedroom apartments on the 4th and 5th floors,” describes the NYC Housing Connect website.

The income requirements depend on the size of the household and each unit can accommodate two to five people. Eligible collective incomes must be between $102,000 and $158,510, with the lower amount being representative of smaller households and the higher amount being representative of five-person households.

The collective wealth limit is capped at $249,169, regardless of household size.

The estimated retail price for each unit is $314,383, with monthly storage costs of $3,075 and a minimum 5% deposit.

The lottery is open until May 1st. To learn more and to apply, please visit this page.


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