Meralco connects to the Metaverse with VR capability

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Meralco connects to the Metaverse with VR capability

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Meralco launches its PIXL facility, which uses virtual reality and other technologies for training and education. handouts

MANILA — Meralco on Thursday unveiled its own virtual reality studio that uses real-world data to create simulations for training and education.

The new facility, called the Powertech Innovation and eXperience Lab (PIXL), “aims to advance the deployment of emerging technologies for the energy industry to achieve the country’s smart grid vision,” Meralco said.

PIXL uses devices such as the Oculus VR headset, Microsoft HoloLens, as well as 10 high-resolution short-throw projectors, a 360-degree projection screen and LED lights.

The facility aims to be a place for collaboration with academia, regulators, other electricity cooperatives and utilities in the Philippines or even other countries.

“The way we want to use PIXL is like a studio where you can teleport to anywhere you want and experience that in a digital reality,” said Bacani, who is also Meralco’s chief information and technology officer.

The electricity distributor said PIXL is part of its vision of a “smart grid”.

“Making the grid smarter will require many new investments in technology. We are striving for smart substations, smart meters, advanced metering infrastructure and advanced network infrastructure, all of which together would make the grid much smarter and more digital,” said Ray Espinosa, President and CEO of Meralco.

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