Meta makes life even harder for the creators of Horizon Worlds

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Meta makes life even harder for the creators of Horizon Worlds

An update to event creation in Meta Horizon Worlds As we refocused our development at Worlds to improve the overall quality of the platform, we took extra time to revisit some legacy features that don’t live up to our renewed quality standards.

As part of this effort, we have decided to retire the event creation tool. Starting today, May 9th, you will no longer see the option to create events in worlds. Existing events that should have taken place after today can continue to take place as planned.

While events have been a powerful way for some of you to connect with your engaged communities, we also heard your feedback. It is clear that our current events system does not meet the needs of our entire community, so we are making the difficult decision to discontinue this feature in worlds. It’s too early for us to tell what the long-term future holds for Creator Events in Worlds, but when we have more to share, our Creators will be the first to know.

As an embodied and synchronous space, we continue to envision Worlds as a place where people can come together spontaneously or in coordinated places and times to have amazing experiences with their communities. Even though the event creation tool is no longer available, some official events are still displayed in the UI. Over time, we will continue to test these events and learn from them, which can help us gain insights into what the future holds for events more broadly.

Thank you for everything you do to make Worlds the vibrant place it is today.

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