Metaverse could offer students an even more immersive experience

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Metaverse could offer students an even more immersive experience

Companies are investing billions of dollars in the metaverse. Some believe that virtual reality is the next phase of the internet. It could also be future of education.

“When it comes to learning, especially in the classroom, you could teach a kid about space and show them a textbook so they can read about it…or you could take them to a virtual space station and use haptics to feel the rings .” of Saturn,” Krista Taylor, Accenture Metaversecalled.

According to Taylor, Accenture works with companies around the world to help them create richer experiences for employees and consumers. She says more and more schools are inviting the Accenture team to teach children what their world will be like one day.

You recently spent a morning at River Oaks Elementary School in Houston to give students the opportunity to try out VR glasses. They were engaged and excited about a virtual road trip.

“This is great. I never imagined doing something like this in school,” said Caitlyn Yip, a student.

The fifth grade teacher, Askari Mohammad, organized the school excursion to the Metaverse.

“Technology can be scary, but it doesn’t have to be. It can be implemented in the education system to help children learn,” he said.

In an environment that is still male-dominated, Taylor believes that introducing children to the metaverse at an early age is also a way to show young girls that a career in tech lies ahead of them.

“If the metaverse is to look different than our physical world and be a better place, it must be built with diversity, inclusivity, and accessibility. Especially in women,” Taylor said.

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