PopMenu hires ChatGPT to introduce automation in digital marketing

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OpenAI and ChatGPT are the themes in the tech pavilion at the 2023 National Restaurant Association Show as generative AI becomes a key tool in a restaurant owner’s toolbox – a trend we have already noticed that.

The latest tech leader to join the generative AI revolution is PopMenu, which just announced a new feature as part of the technology platform’s feature suite that leverages ChatGPT to automatically suggest, plan and write digital marketing campaigns. PopMenu is able to “feed” key operator data, including guest behavior, order history, and performance of previous marketing campaigns, to ChatGPT, and then the artificial intelligence spits out suggested content from social media posts, emails, and texts around them Customers to send fans.

“As a human, you don’t have to think about blinks or breathes — those are all automated things, so we’re trying to think, ‘What’s the version of blinks and breaths on the restaurant marketing side?'” Brendan Sweeney, CEO and co-founder of PopMenu, said Nation’s Restaurant News in an exclusive interview. “Just make it so you don’t have to think about these things; (the AI) really works and you can check it to make sure it’s working properly, but then you can get back to focus on the things that really matter to the running of your restaurant.”

Much of the data that the new ChatGPT feature uses to create personalized social media posts and email marketing messages is collected as a natural result of using the platform, Sweeney said. So PopMenu might know that the bacon cheeseburger is one of your best-selling dishes and can create a social media post that will encourage your customers to come back and order it. Operators could ask ChatGPT to create a marketing message from scratch related to a specific event (e.g., a Taco Tuesday special) or menu item, and they could choose the tone of the post (from family-friendly to witty or failed) and then the AI ​​creates a social media post that can be edited or reshuffled to create an entirely new post.

PopMenu also uses AI to create entire monthly marketing campaigns based on the data the technology platform already generates and some input from the operator (e.g. how often you want to post on social media or text your most loyal guests) . Based on the data and personalized inputs, PopMenu’s AI tool then creates a social media and digital marketing calendar that automatically creates and sends emails, texts, and social media posts without the operator having to do it themselves write or plan.

“We found out very early on that restaurants have no problem creating content,” Sweeney said. “In the early days of PopMenu, I asked operators what they were doing with email and they said, ‘I have MailChimp,’ but then they had to write it, and they don’t like doing that, and they do too.” busy doing that.”

Of course, ChatGPT isn’t perfect: accuracy and uniqueness are concerns shared by all ChatGPT users across many industries. That’s why PopMenu allows and encourages operators to review, edit, and approve content, as well as input as much data as possible to create unique content that doesn’t sound like AI-generated.

“The fact that we have so many personalization points and so much data means we can create richer content,” Sweeney said. “The limitation is the input. Just asking ChatGPT to drop an email about Taco Tuesday will sound like everyone else, but we envision a future where you could do this if, say, for St. Paddy’s Day you had a Perform camouflage via ChatGPT Create personalized email or text marketing messages to customers based on the dishes they order (…) With the advent of ChatGPT we are being inundated with spam and I think it takes extensive data to guide you to help you stand out from the crowd.”

Currently, PopMenu is showcasing its AI-generated social media and email posts at the National Restaurant Association’s show floor and previewing a future feature called Advisor, which will provide operators with advice based on performance data from digital marketing campaigns, such as “Your orders went down last week, consider sending this coupon to your guests!” This will add even more automated functionality to restaurant operations.

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