Renault Korea builds mobility exhibition hall in Metaverse

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Renault Korea builds mobility exhibition hall in Metaverse

Renault Korea announced on Friday that it plans to establish and operate an automotive-related experience space called the Renault Korea Hub at the Metaverse starting in the fall.

The Renault Korea Hub is operated within K-verse, a space within the blockchain-based Metaverse platform The Sandbox, specifically designed for Korean brands.

Attendees will have the opportunity to purchase adjacent properties during the upcoming land sale event, where new partners will be introduced. The theme of this land sale is “Korean Wave Rising”.

Participants can purchase adjacent land from various leading Korean brands, including Renault Korea, through subscriptions and auctions.

According to Renault Korea, the Renault Korea Hub, the first full car project in The Sandbox, aims to provide a space where visitors can enjoy various experiences and games, such as developing their own designed vehicles.

At the Renault Korea Hub, visitors can also experience vehicles, technology, design philosophy and the stories behind each Renault Korea vehicle, rendered in voxel (volume and pixel) format.

“Our company plans to continue various Web 3.0 activities around metaverse and non-fungible tokens,” said Stéphane Deblaise, CEO of Renault Korea.

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