SEO and content marketing trends

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SEO and content marketing trends

Are you looking for new ways to refresh your content marketing and SEO strategy?

Is it strangely difficult to figure out which marketing channels to prioritize this year for maximum performance and ROI?

If you’re under pressure to increase performance despite tighter budgets, you’ve come to the right place.

On April 19th I hosted a webinar with Pat Reinhart and Allie Bhutani from Conductor. Reinhart and Bhutani explored the latest SEO and content marketing trends that will shape the digital landscape in 2023.

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Trend 1: Searches in closed environments are increasing

Closed environments are beginning to steal market share from Google.

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40% of people, especially the younger generation, start their search on Instagram and TikTok.

That’s why Google created more visual search experiences and improved the mobile experience.

Trend 2: Google updates are coming out faster

In terms of SEO, Google’s algorithm will be more volatile.

Google is now starting to roll out updates one at a time and at a faster rate.

As closed environments like TikTok and Instagram begin to invade Google, you can expect Google to keep changing more than ever.

Trend 3: Fluctuations in marketing strategy

In content marketing, fluctuations in marketing budgets and goals are among the biggest challenges for marketing and content teams.

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In late 2022, Conductor examined how SEO and content marketing performed over the year and how marketers feel about production in 2023.

Here’s what came out:

Image created by Conductor, April 2023

Forecast 2023: SEO and content marketing trends you need to knowImage created by Conductor, April 2023

So how do you balance a decrease in budget with an increase in goals and expectations?

Analyze spend and ROI across channels, collaborate with your team and invest in organic channels that generate high returns and cater to your audience’s interests.

Also, can smaller local businesses compete with big national brands for top search results and generic search terms as many brands overwhelm consumers?

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How incorporating SEO and content marketing into overall marketing strategies helps drive things forward

Most people underestimate the power of SEO.

But SEO is more than just search engine rankings.

Here’s how SEO and content marketing work together to drive things forward:

Increase authority

The right approach to SEO is to become an authority in your niche.

You want to come by, make a name for your brand, answer a question and solve a problem.

Then get help from experts to increase your authority in this area.

align teams

When you make SEO a cultural thing in your company, teams work together in unison—with technology, data, and reports all around.

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Prove the ROI

By incorporating SEO into your content strategy, you align teams and minimize effort because everyone knows how each piece of content contributes to your overall goals.

Deliver the content you want

By approaching your strategy from a data-driven perspective, you can also bring up topics that resonate most with your audience.

Watch videos too, as the content isn’t just written. 3 billion reels are released every day, so you should check how to sync your content with videos.

AI and machine learning in 2023 for content marketing

AI is a great productivity tool. It is also useful in SEO.

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As for content, you will see a shift from content writers to content editors tasked with fact-checking, and production will increase.

AI will also emphasize authentic thinking and voice. Authority pieces are highlighted through blogs and social posts from people with unique perspectives and original opinions.

No doubt the AI ​​is here to stay and will continue to help you with writer’s block, social media posts, meta descriptions, event session titles and many other tasks that usually take a lot of time.

(Slides) Forecast 2023: SEO and Content Marketing Trends You Need to Know

Here is the presentation:

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