The BBC Metaverse will be a supercharged Reality+ experience

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The BBC Metaverse will be a supercharged Reality+ experience

Friday, May 26, 2023 at 11:28 am

Sometimes life is all about perception, status, and believing that you know what’s going on. For example, I used to buy clothes from Paul Smith in Covent Garden until I heard that then Prime Minister Tony Blair’s favorite designer was Paul Smith and I never shopped there again.

It was the same with the metaverse. All too long ago, I was a huge fan of Second Life, an early online world that was at least a decade ahead of its time (although it’s been making big bucks for 20+ years and still has a million subscribers).

As technology took online worlds to the next level I had a keen interest in the new metaverses until Facebook came along, changed their name and this Tony Blair type of thing meant I lost interest completely; I would not shop there again.

That’s likely to change, however, at exactly the same time that humans are obsessed with generative AI. It might be time for Metaverse 2.0 and I’m getting my shopping bags ready.

This is the time when investors make their wisest decisions. Different technology, different hype, let it all die down and then strike when people are looking elsewhere. It’s typically smart behavior and the way smart people make real, long-term money.

What changed my shopping habits? What is this supposed turning point? Meta’s retreat from the metaverse?

No, something far more interesting is the BBC’s decision to move its world-renowned brands to the metaverse, a move that seems measured, well thought out and most importantly, perfectly timed.

This week’s announcement that the BBC will be working with the Web3 specialist reality+ Creating a Metaverse experience in The Sandbox could be the beginning of Metaverse 2.0, where a supercharged audience can interact with immersive content from their favorite brands, including top equipment And Doctor Whoand also be part of a ‘BBC meeting room’.

The joint venture between BBC Studios and Reality+ marks the first time the BBC has had a home in the Metaverse following a careful introduction of brand activation experiments with Metaverse platforms.

The main message of the announcement was: “The sandbox is a continuous shared digital space where players and brands can build, own and build.” monetize their experiences further Blockchain‘. Just right, right on trend, right.

Tony Pearce is the co-founder of Reality+, whose company previously developed the digital trading card game Doctor Who: Worlds Apartand now creates another world for himself with The Sandbox.

“We are delighted to have extended our partnership with BBC Studios, not only to help them push the boundaries of what is possible in the Metaverse, but also to bring exciting new experiences to fans of these world-renowned TV shows to offer,” he said.

BBC Studios joins more than 400 other entertainment brands that have participated in the sandbox so far, including Warner Music Group, Ubisoft, Gucci Vault, The Walking Dead and Adidas.

Sebastien Borget, COO and Co-Founder of The Sandbox, was equally effusive: “We are proud that BBC Studios has selected Reality+, a certified Metaverse agency partner working on The Sandbox platform, to enter the Metaverse. “

“The BBC has a history of groundbreaking content that takes the latest technology and brings it into mainstream households. We believe this endeavor is an important step in bringing British culture and its fans to virtual worlds,” he said.

The BBC Studios Metaverse section of The Sandbox will open later this year and more details will be released in due course.

This is a game changer and one well worth seeing, whether inside or outside of any accessible Tardis or top equipment Racetrack. The whole world will be watching.

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