The Google AdSense earnings report may be incorrect

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The Google AdSense earnings report may be incorrect

Have Google AdSense publishers have complained this morning that the report showing their estimated earnings on the AdSense console summary page is incorrect and significantly below expectations. There seems to be an error in the report on the overview page, but the reports on the Reports tab appear to be more in line with the publisher’s expected earnings.

The complaints. There are a number of complaints on the AdSense forums that publishers are concerned that something is wrong and that their AdSense earnings have dropped significantly compared to what they normally see on a daily or monthly basis. There is a thread that has most of the details that can be found over here.

A top contributor, not a Google employee but a volunteer recognized by Google as someone helpful on the forums, wrote: “It looks like there are issues with the stats on the main dashboard- Page (this also happens with my account): Go to the “Reports” tab, which appears to show the exact numbers.”

No panic. There is no need to panic. It seems that this is a common problem that many publishers are becoming aware of these reporting errors. Google has yet to confirm there is a bug, but it looks like the reports don’t all match and there may be delays in the reporting pipeline.

Why it matters to us. If you noticed from this morning’s dashboard report that your AdSense earnings are unusually low, you’re not alone. Check the Reports tab to ensure the estimated earnings are correct. You can always contact AdSense support for help.

We have not yet received confirmation from Google on this issue, but if and when we receive confirmation we will update this story.

addendum. Google has confirmed the issue over here say: “We are aware of an issue with AdSense affecting the majority of users. We will provide an update by February 23, 2022 19:00 UTC detailing when we expect to resolve the issue. Please note that this resolution time is an estimate and is subject to change. Affected users can access AdSense, but may not have access to the latest data. AdSense currently double counts metrics when using the Sites dimension/breakdown.”

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