The top digital marketing agencies in May, according to DesignRush

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The top digital marketing agencies in May, according to DesignRush

It is estimated that global digital advertising spend will reach $836 billion by 2026

According to Statista, global digital advertising spending is estimated to reach $836 billion by 2026. While businesses use different types of media to meet their advertising needs, the internet remains the most important medium, accounting for 62% of total media advertising spend in 2022.

DesignRusha B2B marketplace that connects businesses with agencies, announced the leading digital marketing agencies that help businesses build brand awareness and increase customer reach across multiple online channels.

The Top digital marketing agencies in May Are:

1. The Kyle David Group –

Expertise: Social Media Management, Press Management, PPC Management and more

2. Power Marketing –

Expertise: Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing and more

3. Social Driver –

Expertise: social media advertising, Google advertising, ad optimization and measurement, and more

4. K2 Analytics –

Expertise: Ecommerce Marketing, SEO, Web Design and more

5. 108 degrees –

Expertise: email marketing, branding and positioning strategy, content strategy and more

6. From Asia Online –

Expertise: SEO, SEM, Content Marketing and more

7. Wild Idea Marketing –

Expertise: SEO content strategy and execution, link building, digital PR and more

8. Howbiz Solutions –

Expertise: PPC Management, SEO, Social Media Marketing and more

9. Go digital today –

Expertise: web design, social media marketing, lead generation and more

10. Webzin Infotech –

Expertise: Copywriting, SEO, Social Media Management and more

11. Just get known –

Expertise: brand design and strategy, social media marketing, email marketing and more

12. Attorney Sluice –

Expertise: branding and content strategy, PPC management, SEO and more

13. Create Element –

Expertise: reputation management, SEO, web design and more

14. 24 East Media –

Expertise: Advertising, influencer marketing, branding and more

15. Good Digital Oil Marketing –

Expertise: Google Business Profile Management, SEO, Email Marketing and more

16. EloQ Communication –

Expertise: Digital Strategy, Influencer Marketing, PR Sales and more

17. –

Expertise: email design, email content development, campaign management and more

18. The Swell Co-Lab –

Expertise: Social Media Strategy, Email Strategy, Marketing Automation and more

19. SEO Experts from California –

Expertise: SEO, PPC Management, Social Media Management and more

20. Boombit –

Expertise: web development, video production, email production and more

21. First Fig Marketing & Consulting –

Expertise: Digital Marketing Consulting, Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing and more

22. Assistant Media Group –

Expertise: SEO & Consulting, Media Buying & Relations, Web Design and more

23. Think Big Digital Solutions –

Expertise: Content Marketing, Ecommerce Marketing, Influencer Marketing and more

24. DOE Media –

Expertise: Advertising, Email Marketing, Creative Services and more

25. Rosarium –

Expertise: media relations and pitching, event planning, social media marketing and more

26. Advirtis –

Expertise: Digital advertising, PPC management, SEO and more

27. XA Talent –

Expertise: branding, digital PR, paid media and more

28. Akseom –

Expertise: advertising, email marketing, SEO and more

29. The Social Savvy –

Expertise: social media management, email campaigns, web design and more

30. Fire For Effect Marketing –

Expertise: web design and development, SEO, PPC management and more

Brands can explore the best digital marketing agencies by location, size, average hourly rate and portfolio on DesignRush.

About DesignRush: is a B2B marketplace that connects companies with agencies through expert ratings and agency rankings, awards, knowledge resources, and personalized agency recommendations for vetted projects.

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