Traditional caterers and kente weavers trained in social media and digital marketing skills

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The International Labor Organization (ILO) is organizing a four-day training session on social media and digital marketing for around 40 traditional caterers and kente weavers in the Ashanti region.

The training is compiled in collaboration with the African Tourism Research Network (ATRN) and delivered by the African Skills Hub with support from the ILO’s Global Program on Skills and Lifelong Learning/SKILL UP Ghana Component, an ILO initiative in collaboration with the Technical Commission and vocational education and training and funded by the Norwegian Agency for Development.

Ms Vanessa Lareto Phala, ILO Country Director for Ghana, Nigeria, Liberia and Sierra Leone and Liaison Officer for ECOWAS, noted that as part of its core mandate, the ILO stands ready to work with the Government of Ghana and key stakeholders to provide support, training and building the capacity of voters in different economic sectors to create decent and sustainable jobs, especially for youth and women.

Mr. Frank Kwasi Adetor, National Project Coordinator of the ILO Global Program on Skills and Lifelong Learning, reiterated the crucial role that digital marketing and social media skills could play in promoting and sustaining businesses, especially in the post-COVID-19 era .

He urged the two professional bodies to take full advantage of the training by passing on the knowledge and skills they have learned to others who were unable to attend this session.

“You can only succeed in crossing the borders of Ghana if you adhere to and comply with international standards in your business operations.” Mr. Adetor added.

Mr. Emmanuel Frimpong, Founding President of ATRN, noted that digitization and credible data play a crucial role in the tourism and hospitality sector.

He said: “Over 80 per cent of the actors in this sector are informal but play a crucial role in creating good jobs for youth and women. Therefore, it is important that you are trained to reap the benefits of social media marketing.”

He called on other development partners and organizations to work with ATRN to train more informal sector workers in the tourism, hospitality and travel sectors in areas where they lacked the necessary skills, and thanked the ILO for its support over the years.

The Ashanti Regional Director of the Ghana Tourism Authority, Mr. Frederick Adjei-Rudolph, urged the participants to recognize and accept the role of digitization and social media in their work and to use the workshop to improve their work while benefiting from the Ways to benefit social media platforms.

He said: “If you sit back and watch without reaping the benefits of digitization, your jobs will be gone in no time.”
Mr. Adjei-Rudolph assured attendees that his team is always ready to give them the support they need and pledged to work with ATRN and other companies willing to help the sector build capacity.

dr Patricia Owusu-Darko, President of Institute Hospitality (IH) Ghana and former Dean of Graduate Studies at Kumasi Technical University and food scientist, guided the trainees through the basics of food preservation and the dangers of improper food preservation.

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