Trinity Gaming is collaborating with Everdome to develop a Mars-based metaverse

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Trinity Gaming is collaborating with Everdome to develop a Mars-based metaverse

Trinity Gaming India, a gaming content and marketing company, has partnered with Everdome, a Metaverse company, to build a virtual Mars community.

According to an official press release, Trinity Gaming will have access to real estate on virtual Mars, providing space for content creators, esports organizations, brands and corporations. This move aims to enable trading of virtual assets in the areas of play-to-earn (P2E), Web3.0, crypto and NFT gaming.

Trinity Gaming has reportedly worked with EmChain FZE, a blockchain-based company, on this partnership. Under the terms of the agreement, Trinity Gaming and EmChain will educate, mentor and provide revenue streams for approximately 40 million gamers and developers on Web3.0 and blockchain.

“I believe that the Indian gaming community is growing in the Web3.0 environment. This development should offer Indian gaming content creators a chance. Under the auspices of Emchain and the expertise of Everdome, we at Trinity Gaming aim to equip Indian game developers with technical know-how to create a gaming experience,” said Shivam Rao, Founder and COO of Trinity Gaming.

Additionally, in this metaverse, content creators can use their land to set up virtual bootcamps. This can be a replica of their existing boot camp or something with their imagination. They may have streaming rooms, play areas, lounges, exhibition areas, an art gallery, a common area, a theater/screening room, production studios, among others. It is expected that they will invite their fans/other game developers and create content. As far as is known, monetization occurs through ticket sales to enter the metaverse, purchase of NFTs for creators, brand collaborations in virtual space, playing games with fans, watching movies in virtual space, content shoots in the metaverse, gaming of Esports, Content IPs, etc. Fan Gatherings.

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