Use digital marketing tactics to boost ecommerce sales

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Use digital marketing tactics to boost ecommerce sales

By Tintin Imevbore, West Africa Regional Manager, Ad Dynamo of Aleph

The rapid advancement of digital technologies has not only dramatically changed the way companies work, but also enabled real-time communication between companies and their customers.

While digital marketing is no different from any other type of marketing, it has grown in importance due to the sheer size of internet users worldwide and the potential to reach a much larger audience. From January 2023 there were such 5.16 billion internet users global.

And in Africa, where innovations in digital technology and mobile phone applications have given millions of users access to products and services they did not previously have access to, digital marketing can help e-commerce platforms unlock these benefits potential of the continent.

While the share of internet users in Africa is still well below the global average, the rising numbers show the potential. Countries like South Africa, Kenya, Ghana and Nigeria are not only among the countries with the highest number internet users in Africa, but are also among the countries with the highest potential due to thriving technology sectors.

To capitalize on this growth potential, any e-commerce business can take small steps to leverage digital marketing strategies to grow their digital footprint and increase sales. One of the best digital marketing strategies that an ecommerce business can lean on is personalizing the customer experience and providing customers with personalized experiences throughout their ecommerce journey.

In the USA, around 90% of consumers said they find personalization either “very” or “rather” appealing, while more than 80% of consumers said they wanted brands to interact with to understand them better. By providing a personalized touch, a business can create a sense of value and build long-term customer loyalty.

Mobile optimization should be a priority for any ecommerce business looking to increase sales. Mobile devices play a dominant role in Internet usage in Nigeria and Ghana. In Nigeria, where 52.4% of users make a weekly purchase online from a mobile device, this is close to the global average of 57.6%. About a quarter of users in Ghana use a mobile device to shop online.

Also, investing in and implementing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an essential digital marketing strategy that can help eCommerce businesses increase sales. The most important elements Factors to consider when optimizing a website for search engines include quality of content, level of user engagement, mobile friendliness, and number and quality of incoming links. The key is to develop engaging and informative content that matches customers’ interests and needs.

For these strategies to work effectively, being on the right platform and working with a media buying agency that knows how to maximize exposure is crucial. Having a presence on the right platforms seems self-evident, but with the ever-evolving competition and the advancement of algorithms, having a presence on Facebook, TikTok, Twitter, Spotify or Snapchat is simply not enough as these are the most popular platforms. You also need to make sure you’re reaching your audience with the right messages that match their expectations of these platforms.

This is where the importance of choosing the right digital marketing and ecommerce professionals comes into play. fFind the right agency who knows your company and your industry like the back of his hand will set you up for continued success and peace of mind. The right consultants would not only help you with better content, but would also be able to provide you with technical expertise and solutions that fit your needs while offering a confident advice.

Ecommerce Advisor can help your business reach new heights in the rapidly changing and evolving industries. They can help you and your business fill in gaps in ecommerce strategy and technology while improving your business’ performance. If you want to make sure your investment in the right advisors and consultants is effective, you should look for the type of advisors that fit the needs and requirements of your business.

Ultimately, with the right mix of creative digital marketing strategies, resilience, adaptability and working with the right digital media buying partner, any e-commerce business can thrive on the continent, despite the mix of physical and digital infrastructure constraints that many African countries face are confronted .

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