Why is play-to-earn the best niche to invest in Metaverse?

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Why is play-to-earn the best niche to invest in Metaverse?

Rise of Crypto Casinos: Invest in Top Play-to-Earn Crypto Projects – Decentraland, Big Eyes Coin, Axie Infinity

2023 is gearing up to be the year of play-to-earn (P2E) gaming, and don’t miss out on this roller coaster ride. According to Bloomberg forecasts, the Metaverse market is approaching astronomical levels $800 billion until 2024. More exciting? By 2025, it is expected that there will be 500 million players playing P2E games – that’s more than the population of North America!

Now let’s dive into some live stats. In the first quarter alone, top play-to-earn crypto projects such as Decentraland (MANA) and Axie Infinity (AXS) saw values ​​increase by 216.47% and 65.45%, respectively. a new player, Big Eyes coin Casino, which has raised over $50 million in crypto pre-sales, is now venturing into the P2E space.

Axie Infinity: From Pixel Pets to the Pot of Gold

Axie Infinity, the P2E wonder making waves on the gaming landscape. Developed by Vietnamese studio Sky Mavis on the Ethereum and Ronin blockchains, this game has caused a stir with its unique Ethereum-based economy.

In 2023, Axie Infinity will be a real powerhouse. As the number of daily active players has increased to 25,311, the number of players has grown rapidly – in fact, the average monthly players recorded a remarkable increase from 1,320,228 to 379,672 in one year. Notably, January 2023 painted a promising picture, with active users up 59% and sales volume up an impressive 214%.

Looking into the crystal ball, Axie Infinity doesn’t slow down. The allure of the P2E model, which rewards participants with the coveted cryptocurrency, is likely to attract more players to its arena. In addition, frequent updates and new features promise a lively and engaging gaming experience.

Decentraland: Your passport to the blockchain metaverse

Pack your bags and prepare for a virtual journey like no other. Welcome to Decentraland, a blockchain-based metaverse taking 2023 by storm.

With a thriving marketplace of pixelated properties, Decentraland has emerged as a hotspot for digital real estate transactions, all facilitated by its native cryptocurrency, MANA. But here’s the real teaser: According to DigitalCoinPrice, MANA is expected to surge an incredible 243.66% by the end of 2025, to peak at $1.74!

At Decentraland, the power to create is in your hands. Fancy an individual landscape, a unique marketplace or perhaps an ingenious application? Do it! Your creations can be shared and even monetized, adding a new dimension to the community experience.

The world of Decentraland is more than just an investment; It’s a journey, an adventure, and a game-changing experience.

Winking at Luck: The Big Eyes coin is taking the crypto casino stage

Take a deep breath, game lovers and crypto fans. Big Eyes Coin Casino is here to shake up the world of play-to-earn (P2E) crypto gaming. With a treasure trove of 4,000 casino games and plenty of P2E games in the pipeline, it sets the stage for some really high stakes fun. But the real game changer? Every bet, every win, every payout – it’s all about $BIG.

Big Eyes Casino isn’t just a carnival; It’s a full fledged economy where BIG dollars are the lifeblood. Future plans include merchandise and other perks on the casino site, all of which can be purchased with our beloved $BIG.

The result of all these BIG actions? An increase in 24-hour trading volume, a factor that rings music to the ears of investors and traders. Higher trading volume means more interest and value, reduces volatility and keeps the buy-sell spread minimal. It’s a triple win for $BIG, its holders, and the crypto market at large.

The effects don’t stop there. The constant trading volume and benefits demonstrate the feasibility of the project and increase its chances of being listed on major CEXs like Binance.

In short, Big Eyes Coin Casino is not just a gaming platform; It’s a strategy, a community, a thriving economy and a promising investment rolled into one. So, are you ready for the big show?

Last bet

To wrap up this exciting journey through the crypto-casino universe, let us draw a line: the rise of P2E gambling in 2023 is not a passing fad, but a seismic shift in the way we gamble and earn. Metaverse’s market value is likely to rise into the stratosphere, and players are expected to flock to the games in record numbers. Investing in these top crypto projects to play and earn could change your life forever!

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