XRP is becoming the currency of this metaverse, here is its use

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XRP is becoming the currency of this metaverse, here is its use

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XRPthe sixth largest cryptocurrency by market cap, has added a new utility: buying land in the Xspectar metaverse.

xSPECTAR is an XRPL based Web3 company with NFT collections and a metaverse. xSPECTAR was added as a validator to the UNL by the XRP Ledger Foundation in October last year.

In a recent tweet, the Xspectar team announced the details of their pre-sale land event for their metaverse. It advertises that XRP can be used to buy land in the alternate world of Xspectar for socializing, gambling and business.

Other land purchase options include credit cards and XSPECTAR, the native token of the xSPECTAR blockchain.

XRP continues to add new ways to be issued as a currency. In August last year, Binance Card announced the addition of XRP to the list of supported cryptocurrencies on the platform.

With the Binance Card, supported cryptocurrencies can be spent not only in Europe, but also wherever the Visa logo can be seen. The Binance Card, a debit card, can also be used to spend supported cryptocurrencies at over 90 million merchants worldwide.

XRPL to the Sunset Hooks Testnet V2

XRPL Labs has announced its plans to retire Hook’s Testnet V2 as Hook’s Testnet V3 remains operational and Evernode has migrated to it.

The XRP ledger software developer states that it will shut down hooks testnet v2 in two weeks, on May 14th.

Last month, in April, Hooks v3 was activated, the latest version of XRPL smart contracts in beta testing.

Hooks, which are fundamental smart contracts for XRP ledgers, are small, efficient pieces of code defined in an XRPL account that allow logic to be executed before and/or after XRPL transactions.

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